Getting Ready for a Fall Wedding: 6 Things to Think About

Fall is often thought about as the best time to get married. It’s the gorgeously rich fall colors and the idea of a cozy fireplace that make the months of September to November seem extra magical. And we all want a magical wedding, right?

So if you’re dreaming of a special day full of red crunchy leaves and pumpkin spiced candles, a fall wedding may well be the best time of year for you.

But getting ready for a wedding is no easy feat, no matter what time of year it is. Let’s take a look at 6 things you need to think about when planning your fall wedding.

Choose a picturesque location

Picking and choosing the right wedding venue is perhaps the most difficult part of wedding planning. Everyone dreams of having a picturesque location and a stunning backdrop, and fall is particularly charming for providing the very best wedding photos. So consider all of your venue choices carefully, from beautiful vineyards to rustic barns to even snow-capped ski resorts.

Book your date ASAP

Seeing as fall is a very popular wedding season, find your venue and start booking things up as early as possible. If you’ve got your heart set on the perfect location, make sure it’s available before you get your hopes up. Some wedding planners suggest planning up to 5 years in advance, so get acting now!

Make the most of the fall color palette

The colors turn from luscious green to swirls of crismon and red during fall, so remember that these warm golden tones are perfect for incorporating into your own stylish wedding decorations. Seek advice and inspiration from Pinterest to see how you can make the most of fall’s natural earthy elements. Switching on elegant and twinkling fairy lights is always a winner for after sunset too..

Prepare for the worst weather

Not to be pessimistic, but the months of September, October, and November aren’t exactly synonymous with blue sky days. Bad weather certainly isn’t uncommon in fall. That’s why you should always prepare for the worst and hope for the best if planning your wedding around these months – especially if all, or part of your day will be hosted outside. So always make sure you have a backup option if skies turn grey and the inclement weather takes a turn towards cold temperatures, rain, or even snow.

Pick a suitable dress code

With fall weather being so unpredictable, your dress code should match. Keep the dress code laid-back and let the guests know that they can come wearing anything they feel comfortable in, as long as it’s smart. Considering fall will likely be a little chilly, you might also want to provide a selection of cozy scarves and jackets for your guests if your wedding is outdoors.

Choose a delicious fall-inspired menu

Last but certainly not least, your menu should be fall-inspired. Depending on your price range and your personal preferences, fall wedding menus usually revolve around comfort food and savory delights. Dishes like apple-spiced pork, creamy butternut squash soup, or even a gourmet chicken stew are super heart-warming when it’s crisp and cold outside. Serving up marshmallow-topped and whiskey-dashed hot chocolates can finish an evening off nicely too.