Girl, 3, she is ‘done’ with sausages after her father tells her how they are made

‘But that’s not very nice!’ Toddler, 3, announces she is ‘done’ with sausages after her brutally honest father told her exactly how they are made as she tucked into her bangers and mash

  • Erin Copeland, 3, asks her father Brian how pigs are turned into sausages in clip
  • He puts her off her sausages and mash as he reveals ‘we kill the pigs, dead’  
  • He adds how there are ‘machines that turn’ the pigs and then ‘we eat them’ 
  • Brian, 30, says if she is ‘old enough to ask the question’ she ‘can get the answer’ 

Brian Copeland is pictured with daughter Erin

A three-year-old girl told her father that she was ‘done’ with sausages after finding out they are made from pigs.

Erin Copeland was tucking into her sausages and mash at her Glasgow home, Scotland, when she asked her father Brian Copeland about the process.

In the shocking clip, Mr Copeland tells her bluntly that ‘sausages are pigs’ and ‘we turn the pigs into sausages’. 

Erin then exclaims ‘that’s not very nice!’

But Mr Copeland says it is ‘important children know’ where food comes from and if his daughter is old enough to ask the question, she is ‘old enough to get the answer’.  

Moments later in the video, he tries to explain while laughing and this stops Erin mid-way through her mouthful of dinner, in the clip which was uploaded to YouTube on October 16.  

The little girl stares at her plate, as though she is trying to wrap her head around this before disagreeing with her father.

She was shocked by the revelation and asked why would we want to eat the pigs

Erin asks what the farms would do without any pigs, which have been turned into sausages, but Mr Copeland assures her they 'make lots of pigs'

Erin Copeland, 3, was gobsmacked after her father Brian Copeland revealed how ‘we turn pigs into sausages’ with machines and put her off her dinner, at their Glasgow home in Scotland

After the revelation, she appears pleased and waves her fork in the air saying ‘and then we cook’ the sausages.

But Mr Copeland does not stop there and brutally takes her through the process where ‘first we kill the pig, dead’.

Erin, who looks on in horror, then asks what the farm would do without any pigs but her father assures her that the farmer ‘makes lots of pigs’.

‘We then take some of those pigs and they get killed… and then we turn those pigs into sausages.’

Moments later, the inquisitive toddler asks how this happens and Mr Copeland tells her we have big machines that turn them’ and ‘then we eat them’. 

Clearly not satisfied with the answer, she asks why and the Scottish father then asks whether she thinks they are tasty, in the hilarious clip which has gathered more than 500k views. 

She appears disinterested in her sausage dinner and eats up the peas and mashed potato instead, after the conversation

She appears disinterested in her sausage dinner and eats up the peas and mashed potato instead, after the conversation

As she tries to grab a forkful of her meal, she murmurs a yes and appears disinterested in the sausages – trying to scoop up the potato and peas instead.

Mr Copeland, who is a marketing coordinator, drives his point home and retells the process as she appears to ignore him and eat peas.

With a mouth full of mash, she slams her spoon down and says she is done – whether it is with the meal or conversation remains unclear.    

Brian, from Glasgow, explained: ‘She said it wasn’t nice and wouldn’t eat the sausages on her plate! She eats them now but her favourite things are cucumbers and carrots!’

Throughout the adorable clip, Erin appears baffled and lost for words - trying to make sense of what her father is telling her

People have suggested Mr Copeland shows his daughter the conditions which animals live in but he feels 'she's a bit too young for that'

While the news was disheartening for the little girl, her father said it was ‘important children know’ where food comes from and if Erin is ‘old enough to ask the question’, she is ‘old enough to get the answer’

‘I love it when she asks questions, being a parent you get a lot of questions but I don’t think children should be shut down when asking questions. Erin always asks more questions and I think it’s great!’  

Some people have even said Mr Copeland should show Erin the conditions which animals live in but he feels ‘she’s a bit too young for that’.