Girlfriend, 30, locked a policeman in her home when he came to arrest her partner

Davidson (pictured) repeatedly punched and kicked the officer 

A couple who attacked a police officer after trapping him in their home for 20 minutes have been jailed for a total of three years.

Paula Davidson locked Sergeant William Ross in her house when he arrived to try and arrest her partner Darren McDonald.

She repeatedly kicked and punched the officer at the couple’s home in Auchterarder, Perthshire, on 16 January.

Davidson, 30, spat on Sgt Ross and tried to bite him while McDonald, 29, also laid into the officer by kicking him.

The officer arrived at the couple’s home in Strathallan Way after receiving reports that someone had entered the property shouting threats earlier in the day, Perth Sheriff Court heard.

The front door was boarded up, so the officer went to the rear of the property, where he encountered McDonald. 

McDonald let him in to discuss the earlier incident, but when two more officers arrived Davidson locked the door to stop them entering.

Fiscal depute John Malpass said: ‘Constables [Jamie] Arthur and [Christopher] Smith arrived to assist and attempted to enter the property, but the accused reacted to this and locked the back door of the property, preventing the officers from entering and Sergeant Ross from leaving.

‘Sergeant Ross became increasingly concerned for his personal health and safety as both the accused were behaving aggressively towards him.’

The officer managed to persuade Davidson to unlock the door after about 20 minutes.

But when he then placed a handcuff on McDonald she started pushing and pulling him in an effort to prise them apart.

‘McDonald then began to struggle, tensing his arms and lashing out,’ Mr Malpass said. ‘He then aimed a kick at his body, but this officer managed to clench his legs together and swivel to the side.’

The court heard PC Ross then let the other two officers deal with McDonald while he tried to arrest Davidson.

‘She attempted to repeatedly bite Sergeant Ross on his hand but he managed to take evasive action,’ Mr Malpass said.

‘McDonald continued to struggle with and lash out and had to be restrained onto the floor.’ 

The officer was locked in the property and his colleagues left outside when McDonald (pictured) was arrested 

The officer was locked in the property and his colleagues left outside when McDonald (pictured) was arrested 

Another man, Mark Faccenda, 33, then emerged from another room and also tried to rescue McDonald.

Sgt Ross managed to remove both Davidson and Faccenda from the house into the back garden despite both continuing to struggle with him.

‘During this struggle, Davidson repeatedly spat at him – landing spittle upon his person on several occasions and she repeatedly kicked and punched him on his head and body.’

McDonald admitted assaulting Sgt Ross and resisting arrest, and that on the journey to the police station he threatened to murder officers and made sectarian remarks. 

A charge of threatening to fight Jordan Johnstone and presenting a knife at him was dropped by the Crown. McDonald, who also admitted assaulting a woman in the Niblick Bar on 1 October, was jailed for 20 months.

Davidson admitted attacking Sgt Ross and struggling with him as she tried to rescue her partner from lawful custody. She also admitted engaging in a fight at the Niblick on 1 October and was jailed for a total of 16 months.

Faccenda, from Auchterarder, admitted struggling with Sgt Ross and trying to rescue McDonald from custody. He also admitted having cannabis resin and was told to carry out 300 hours unpaid work.

On Tuesday, Davidson escaped punishment when Perth’s JP court heard she had brawled with police while dressed as a ‘sexy cop’ for Halloween.

She had to be wrestled to the ground and clamped in leg restraints while she was dressed up as a novelty police officer. She was admonished in that case.