Girlfriend in tears after boyfriend proposed with a ring VERY different to the one she wanted

A young woman has been left in tears after receiving a ‘hideous’ engagement ring from her fiancé – despite giving him clear instructions on what she wanted.

The bride-to-be said the ‘monster’ sapphire then got stuck on her finger – prompting a five-hour road trip to find someone who could cut it off safely. 

‘All my engagement photos are taken in the hospital,’ she complained in a post on a ring shaming group after dreaming of a fairytale engagement for months.

A young woman has been left in tears after receiving a ‘hideous’ engagement ring from her fiancé

She said she wanted the ring pictured but her husband-to-be won't buy it

She said she wanted the ring pictured but her husband-to-be won’t buy it

She went on to explain she got engaged four months earlier, but without a ring, and had started planning her big day on the condition a ‘real’ romantic proposal was coming.

Four months later when her fiancé announced the ring he had ordered had arrived she was ecstatic.

‘I was very excited for the proposal, then this thing came out of the box,’ she said.

‘First thing I said was “omg that’s massive”. I didn’t like it at all but I spent a few hours trying to not hate it so much.’ 

She said she had talked about her dream engagement piece in detail and had even shown her husband-to-be the exact ring she had fallen in love with.

‘I told him I really wanted teal sapphire because teal is my favourite colour and sapphire is my birth stone,’ she said.

In the post, which calls on people to shame the ‘hideous’ ring, she included a picture of her dream ring and mentioned it was for sale and at a price point he could afford.

It is pictured next to the very different ring she was surprised with despite her future husband promising his jeweller would be able to make something ‘very similar’. 

The size was even wrong, she fumed. 

‘The pegs were trying to cut me at every opportunity, and it was way too tight. I did get measured, twice, and I sent him my measurements from every country, but the jeweller f****d up still,’ she said. 

‘I’m devastated and crying. He can’t get me another ring because it won’t be possible before the wedding. I’ll never be engaged for real,’ she said. 


Who is in the wrong?

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The woman included pictures of the ring on her finger and after it had been sawn off her swollen finger.

‘Guys please make me laugh and insult the hell out of it because I really need to see something funny in this,’ she said. 

But instead of simply slamming the ring, the women in the group told the bride-to-be to reconsider the relationship.

‘Sounds like you are compromising a lot and not getting any of what you want in return. Postpone the wedding. Don’t do it this way. If he isn’t even listening or caring now… well.. I speak from experience and a divorce,’ one woman said.

While others agreed her fiancé wanting to buy her something other than her dream ring was a red flag.

‘This was obviously important to you and if he can’t listen and respect you enough to do this right it sounds like there might be bigger issues at play,’ one woman said.

‘Would you consider postponing the wedding for a while. Is this a one off? The fact that he didn’t listen to what you had expressed you would like to receive doesn’t bode well. I get he may have been coming from a place of well meaning but you told him exactly what you would like and he totally disregarded it. Please don’t rush into marriage,’ added a third. 

‘If you still feel this is the man you want to spend your life with tell him you would like a long engagement with the ring of your choice and if he can’t respect that then you have a pretty good idea of what you are getting in to,’ she added.

The ring had to be cut off after it became stuck on her finger

The ring had to be cut off after it became stuck on her finger

Others leaned on their own experiences to tell the young woman to run.

‘He sounds like he has some narcissistic tendencies and I can tell you from 11 years of experience that it only gets worse. You are a smoke show and can absolutely find 10 guys better than him in the next week. 

‘Listen to your gut and the little voice in your head. A canceled wedding, embarrassment from a failed engagement, or whatever you’re worrying about is nothing in the long run. I should have left my ex long before he even proposed but I made excuses for him and wound up in the most painful situation of my life nearly a decade later,’ one woman said. 

 But the young woman chimed in to stick up for her fiancé.

‘In general he’s amazing. I genuinely thought I’m going to get a beautiful ring. I was actually in shock how bad it is because I never saw it coming,’ she said.

‘I also blame the jeweller a lot more than him, I mean I’m sad he didn’t get me the one I wanted as it is for sale but the jeweller did everyone dirty the most in this scenario.’ 

She went on to explain they had gone to a jewelry store together and chosen a replacement.

‘It’s not the ring of my dreams but it was the nicest one they had there. Conveniently the cheapest one too so I didn’t feel bad saying I want an upgrade one day.’

She said he has refused to buy the ‘dream ring’ in the pictures.