Giuliani: Not ‘a stitch of evidence’ that Trump colluded with Russia

Former New York City Mayor and brand-new Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani is already playing the role of pit bull for the president, telling a New Hampshire television station that the Russia probe is ‘a disgrace.’ 

‘I can guarantee you this: When Mueller is finished, no matter whatever he does, he’s not going to have a stitch of evidence that he colluded with the Russians,’ Giuliani told WMUR. ‘There isn’t a person in the world who thinks he’s guilty of collusion with the Russians.’ 

During his appearance, Giuliani hammered former FBI Director James Comey too. 

In an interview with New Hampshire television station WMUR, Rudy Giuliani – President Trump’s newest lawyer – called the Russia probe a ‘disgrace’  

Giuliani said he trusts Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but said  Mueller wouldn't find 'a stitch of evidence' that President Trump colluded in 2016 with the Russians 

Giuliani said he trusts Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but said  Mueller wouldn’t find ‘a stitch of evidence’ that President Trump colluded in 2016 with the Russians 

Rudy Giuliani (left), a strong supporter of President Trump (right), joined the legal team last week that's dealing with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe

Rudy Giuliani (left), a strong supporter of President Trump (right), joined the legal team last week that’s dealing with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe

Comey participated in a town hall event on CNN last night.  

‘I think it will be liar’s poke tonight,’ Giuliani said Wednesday from New Hampshire. ‘It’ll be a guy who has forgotten how to tell the truth.’ 

‘He is an absolute embarrassment to the FBI,’ the former New York City mayor added.

Giuliani has a history with Comey, having hired the fired FBI chief in the 1980s to work in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan. 

Giuliani knows Mueller too, and told WMUR that he trusts the special counsel, who led the FBI before Comey, though he argued that Trump is ‘innocent.’  

Before his trip to the nation’s first primary state, Giuliani sat down with Mueller on Tuesday, the Washington Post has learned. 

Giuliani reopened discussions on a potential interview between Trump and Mueller, conversations that had broken down in the aftermath of the FBI’s raid on longtime Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s office, hotel room and home. 

The ex-mayor, the Post noted, told Mueller that there was still great reluctance in agreeing to an interview, but did not rule it out.  

Giuliani also asked Mueller when the Russia probe might be done, the newspaper’s sources said. 

Mueller, in turn, told Giuliani that he wished to ask the president about the decisions he made during the transition and early months of the administration. 

It’s important for investigators to understand the president’s intent as they look into potential obstruction of justice, Mueller noted. 

Last week upon his hiring to Trump’s legal team, Giuliani suggested he would be the individual to get the Russia probe resolved.  

‘I’m doing it because I hope we can negotiate an end to this for the good of the country and because I have high regard for the president and for Bob Mueller,’ the ex-mayor had told the Washington Post last week.

While neither the special counsel’s office nor Jay Sekulow, another one of President Trump’s attorneys, would comment about this initial meeting – which included members of Giuliani and Mueller’s team – a source told the Post it was to ‘feel each other out.’ 

President Trump had initially told reporters he was keen to speak to Mueller, but his tune changed in the aftermath of the Cohen raid. 

The president’s last attorney, John Dowd, had quit over the matter. 

Dowd had warned Trump that sitting down for an interview would put him in legal jeopardy. 

Besides last week’s addition of Giuliani, Trump added husband-and-wife former federal prosecutors Jane Serene Raskin and Mary Raskin to his legal team.  

Another attorney, Ty Cobb, is handling the Mueller probe from inside the White House.