Global sports betting industry in 2019

The global sports betting business is booming, it is an industry which attracts gamblers from far and wide, billions of dollars are put at stake at boxing arenas, on soccer fields and golf courses all around the world. Last year the total amount bet was more than $ 500 billion dollars.

There are a lot of online betting guides which provide offers and reviews and try to give a comprehensive resource for all betting needs, such as is a team of professionals with wide experience in online sports betting, which will help you to chose the best bookmakers that can offer you the highest odds, bonuses, promotions and choose the right sports events to bet on.

Just to know how lucrative the industry has become even when people keep losing huge sums of money we need to understand how betting works, the understanding of betting odds plays a pivotal role if a person knows how it works and can predict how likely it is for an event to happen he’ll be able to work out what his potential winnings would be.

The Las Vegas sports betting legend Bill Walters who has never had a losing year says that there’s nothing in the world he doesn’t gamble on.

Nevada is the only state that has made taking bets on individual games legal most bidders come here to lay their bets wagering two and a half billion dollars every year, and there’s no bigger better than Billy Walters but one will never see him betting he hires anonymous partners to bet for him and for themselves they take their instructions from Billy while he’s back in his home office with his phones and computers, considered to be the most dangerous sports bidder in the history of the world widely respected and feared for the damage that he can do to a sports book.

A trend that has followed sorts enthusiasm is the spread of sports betting, the betting casinos have sprung up in every corner of every major town. The economic implications of sports betting can be mind boggling, the amount of money spent on sports betting can be staggering, sports fanaticism has taken a commercial turn, as sports is a powerful unifying factor the finances out of it is absolutely ridiculous the people who are in the business of sports are basically the ones who are holding major influence over the economies of the world.

For some sports betting does matter like the horse races held in the UK which are only held because of the money generated from the lost bets, racing and betting have a shared history. The horse race betting levy board oversees dividing the money and reinvesting it into the sport, the largest portion is kept as prize money.

The growth in the UK betting industry has coincided in the rise of online gambling the global online gambling market is expected to more than double by 2024 and be worth nearly one hundred billion dollars.

While there are strict rules to gambling in certain countries such as japan India and much of the middle east there are countries that are more open to this lucrative industry, USA for instance is expected to become the biggest sports betting market in the world by 2023 as an increase in the number of states that legalize sports betting is said to go up from 8 to 25.not only is sports betting said to become increasingly global but through the development of digital platforms the opportunity to place a bet is never been easier.