Going out together to have some freinds

‘Stay at home’ is a simple message, but as countries open up with social distancing guidelines, there’s more room for interpretation – especially among friends. Having fun and spending time with friends is always fun, but sometimes the same activities can get boring. So, where to go out together with friends?

You can browse the latest exhibits together and have a lot to discuss after you leave. Museums and art galleries also often host special events such as lectures, film screenings, and musical performances that you can go to with friends.

Go to the mall with your friends. If you need a new outfit or just want to shop, invite a friend or two to join you. If you don’t want to spend money, go window shopping. Walk around, look at the screens in the shop windows, talk, and have fun!

Make a movie together. Brainstorm a story, write a screenplay, gather props, and film your movie. You can try shooting in one shot or go professional and edit all your shots together. Then you can have even more fun watching the movie together at soap2day4u.com or free 123movies 4 u.

Get together for lunch or dinner. You can go to your favorite restaurant or dine here if you’re short of money or don’t want to be out. It will give you a chance to chat with your friends while you eat or cook.

If you’re going out, make sure it’s a welcoming place for you and your friends.

Eating your food at home can save money and be a lot of fun. Invite your friends and have a glass of wine while you cook, or better yet, grab a pot and have all your friends bring their favorite dishes!

Hang out at your favorite cafe or bar. It’s fun for all the servers to get to know you by name and drink, and it can be a great way to relax and chat quietly with your friends.

Choose a time to meet every week or every month. For example, on the first Friday of every month, try to gather everyone who can and capture everything that happens in your life. Being privately scheduled means more of your friends can do it.

Many people think that meditation is the stuff of cultivators and monks. It seems meaningless to sit in a daze for dozens of minutes. But in fact, meditation is very popular in foreign countries. Meditation is a practice that focuses your attention on certain things. The purpose is to increase the feeling of living in the present, to feel the present, and to make happiness last.

More than 3000 studies have pointed out that meditation can bring many benefits such as becoming smarter, improving concentration, endurance, memory, etc. The video mentions one of the simple meditation methods, called square breathing, you might as well try:

Shop at yard sales. Searching for cheap treasures at yard sales can be a lot of fun with a friend or a few friends. Watch your local newspaper for yard sale announcements in the summer, or just walk around and look for signs.