Good Housekeeping reveals trick to release more juice from a lemon

  • Good Housekeeping reveals microwaving a lemon makes it easier to squeeze
  • You need to heat a whole lemon on high for 20 seconds for the hack to work
  • Microwaving the fruit will also help it release more juice 

Adding a squeeze of fresh lemon to your dish can bring a refreshing burst of acidity that ensures your meal is perfectly balanced.

But if you find yourself struggling to get much juice out of the citrus fruit, there is a trick that makes it much easier.

Using a microwave to gently warm a lemon apparently makes it both easier to squeeze and allows more juice to come out, according to Good Housekeeping. 

Microwaving a lemon for 20 seconds in the microwave will make it easier to squeeze and will release more juice

Cookery expert Monaz Dumasia says that microwaving a whole lemon will loosen the fruit, making it easier to squeeze.

She recommends microwaving the fruit before cutting or squeezing it for 20 seconds on high.

Not only will it become less firm and therefore less difficult to squeeze together, but the fruit should also release more juice.

Lemons are very useful for cleaning as the acid they contain can neutralise bacteria

Lemons are very useful for cleaning as the acid they contain can neutralise bacteria

The tip is far from the only household hack that uses a lemon.

You can also use the fruit to clean a chopping board by slicing one in half and pressing the fruit against the board. You then rub vigorously until the juices flow over the board before rinsing.

Simply slicing a lemon and squeezing it into your bin before throwing in the halves can eliminate unpleasant odors from your kitchen, as well.

Throwing some lemons and their juices into a cup of water and microwaving for five minutes can also help clean your microwave. 

The grime will easily wipe away and will leave your device smelling fresh.