Government accused of playing Russian roulette over Brexit

The Government has been accused of playing Russian roulette with people’s jobs because of its “reckless” strategy over Brexit.

The TUC laid out a series of measures it said were needed to protect workers’ rights and jobs as well as safeguarding Northern Ireland’s Good Friday Agreement.

The union organisation said it was crucial that people in the UK do not have weaker legal protections for consumer, environmental and labour standards.

Brexit flag

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “We need a Brexit that puts working people first, but ministers are playing Russian roulette with people’s jobs, rights and livelihoods.

“Instead of sticking rigidly to red lines that rule out the best deal for working people, ministers should go back to the drawing board.

“Membership of the broader European Economic Area would mean we can leave the EU but keep the benefits of the single market. It’s still the only current option we see that passes the tests for working people.

“We’ll listen to other ideas that could meet our tests, but time is running out, and ministers have not yet put forward a realistic alternative.

“The Government must keep all options on the table, including remaining in the single market through the EEA. Otherwise their reckless strategy could make Brexit a disaster for working people across the UK.”

A DExEU spokesman said: “The people of the UK voted to leave the European Union, and we’re getting on with the job of making our exit a success.

“We have listened to EU leaders and respect the position that the four freedoms of the single market are indivisible and there can be no cherry-picking.

“That’s why we do not seek membership of the EU’s Single Market after we leave the EU, but a bold and ambitious free trade agreement as part of a new, deep and special partnership.”

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