Grandfather’pinned down Jodie Willsher knifeman’

A heroic 68-year-old grandfather has told how he pinned a ‘knifeman’ to the floor in a pool of blood moments after an Aldi worker was stabbed to death.

Bricklayer Wilfred Beattie was shopping with his wife Susan when he witnessed the brutal attack on 30-year-old Jodie Wilsher.

He described turning around because of the commotion and seeing her lying motionless on the ground in a pool of blood.  

Wilfred – as well as other brave onlookers – wrestled the knifeman to the ground before police arrived the scene in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Mr Beattie said he had been laughing and joking with Jodie just minutes before he tackled the suspect to the ground.

Wilf says he punched the man accused of the murder in the face several times before dragging him to the floor and restraining him. 

The grandfather-of-eight said: ‘I walked down and next thing I heard was all this commotion.

‘I rushed up and I saw that lass on the floor in a pool of blood. My first instinct was to lay in to him.

‘We got him on the floor and wrapped a belt around his neck and one round his legs.

‘Then a member of staff came with a big roll of clingfilm and wrapped it round his legs so he couldn’t move.

‘The police then came, put the bracelets on him and took him away. He never said a word. He got to his feet and just looked at her.’

Jodie’s colleagues and other shoppers then gave her first aid as they waited for police and the ambulance service to arrive.

Mr Beattie added:  ‘I never saw him come in. I had no idea who he was and had never seen him before.

‘I will never get my head round why he did it because it happened right at the far end of the store.

‘Why he targeted her, God only knows. This man has ruined that family’s life.’

Following the horror stabbing, Jodie was taken to hospital by ambulance but later died of her injuries. Forensic officers examined the scene for clues and are believed to have recovered a weapon.

A 44-year-old man was initially arrested on suspicion of attempted murder but police have now launched a murder investigation following Mrs Willsher’s death. This morning officers confirmed he was still being questioned.

Shoppers were told to abandon their trolleys and flee in the horrifying moments after the stabbing with police seen guarding the supermarket overnight.

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