Great News for Theatre: California Regal Stays Open

News has been a little gloomy for the theatrical business in 2020. With the Coronavirus pandemic changing how we work and play, theaters have had a hard time of it- but there’s finally some good news on the horizon. Despite Cineworld closing UK locations and it’s Regal chain (and despite gloomy News from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo), many Regal locations will stay open for business. As one of the best entertainment lawyers in Los Angeles, BLAKE & WANG P.A are super happy to see doors staying open and revenue flowing. If you’re in the mood to support Regal, and maybe snag a movie theatre popcorn or two, here’s what you need to know.

Which Regals will remain open?

Irvine Spectrum is perhaps the most noteworthy asset in the chain to remain open. This multiplex was their second-highest breadwinner for the opening of the much-anticipated Tenet, and has consistently held a position in the top 5 earners throughout September too. It’s not alone, however, with the following California locations open for business:

  • The Manchester 16
  • La Habra
  • Carlsbad
  • Riverside Plaza
  • Temecula
  • Delta Shores

Regal is on record stating that, despite the closure of the rest of the locations from October 8th, these 7 locations will remain to ensure people have as-easy-as-possible access to theatrical media, and the chance to see Tenet on the silver screen. They’ve also noted that these 7 theatres are dispersed through the state, in an attempt to service as wide an audience as possible.

What about LA?

Los Angeles does, of course, remain closed. That doesn’t mean that the areas under the city’s DMA won’t benefit from moviegoers, however! We’ve already seen this happen throughout Orange County, and with Ventura County moving to the less restrictive pandemic tier, they will also be able to offer 25% occupancy and some much-needed revenue flowing. To date, these theatres will also reopen:

  • AMC’s 1000 Oaks
  • Cinemark’s Riverpark (Oxnard)
  • Cinemark’s Century 10 (Ventura)
  • The Paseo Camarillo Cinema

While it will miss out on weekend traffic (including this weekend’s release of De Niro’sWar with Grandpa), Cinepolis in Westlake will also be alive and kicking from Monday.  The Simi Valley Movie Grill hasn’t yet firmed up dates, but we’re hopeful of a reopening soon for them too. Regrettably, the Regal Simi Valley will not be reopening yet, and the Regency Theatre in Westlake Village will need to wait on Los Angeles Country reopening as it falls under their jurisdiction.

There’s no doubt that this upward tick in the ability to generate revenue will be gratefully received by movie theatres throughout the area, even with occupancy limits in place. As the entertainment attorney Los Angeles trusts, Brandon Blake of BLAKE & WANG P.A couldn’t be happier to see some good news for the theatrical industry hitting the wires. While the Coronavirus may still be with us- and more importantly, the severe disruptions to daily life it’s brought in its wake- we can take this good news as a positive step back to normalcy for the whole industry.