GSK boosted by gonorrhoea drug trial success: Gepotidacin found to be as effective as current treatments

Trial success: GSK’s drug Gepotidacin proved effective in treating gonorrhoea

GSK received a boost after clinical trial data showed its gonorrhoea treatment was just as good as an existing course of drugs. 

The FTSE 100 pharma firm said a late-stage study for its oral drug Gepotidacin found that the antibiotic treated the infection as effectively as a current combination of medicines, which includes an injection. 

Discovered by scientists at GSK’s global research hub in Hertfordshire, Gepotidacin would offer an alternative to the current course of antibiotics, which can be difficult for some to take due to allergies and other intolerances. 

The drug is also thought to have blockbuster potential, meaning it could earn more than £1billion in annual sales – a major boost for GSK and boss Emma Walmsley.