Guest Blogging for SEO: Your Path to Building High-quality Links

Have you heard about guest posts? This is a widely used strategy to maximize results with digital marketing.  Posting as a guest on another website or company’s blog that has its own audience is a great chance to reach new people who may be interested in your brand. Imagine how many gym followers would be interested in a health food company’s blog that publishes content about foods to help lose weight.

If you are looking to leverage the results of your actions with digital marketing, the guest post can be a great alternative. Let’s see how you can make the most of this feature to gain even more visibility on the internet. Let’s get started:

What is a guest post?

The guest post is a practice that consists of publishing content as a guest on another company’s blog, making a mention that leads readers to your site. Generally, the companies that adopt this strategy are those that have complementary activities – such as the gym and health supplements.

We can say that the guest post is interesting for both parties.. A company that cannot publish a good frequency of posts on its own website can use guest authors to engage its audience, while the invited author takes advantage of a new audience, gains visibility and builds credibility in the market.

What are the advantages of publishing guest posts?

The first benefit we think about when we talk about guest posting on third-party blogs is the ability to be seen by new people, right? But there are several other more subtle advantages that are very beneficial in improving the relationship between content marketing and sales.

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Build authority: The moment your company’s content is seen on several blogs from other companies in your industry, the public begins to form the idea that you are really an expert on this subject. The greater the visibility you get on other pages, the greater your authority in the market.

Optimize SEO: SEO is an acronym that translates as Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of techniques with the objective of improving the positioning of a website in search results.

One of the factors considered to measure the relevance and authority of a website is the number of external links that lead to that page. In other words, whenever you publish a guest post that leads to your website, you will also be contributing to be more easily found by search engines.

Get more visitors: One of the goals of digital marketing strategies is to increase the number of hits to the company’s website, right? The greater the flow of visitors, the greater the chances of converting some of them into leads – and getting them to close a purchase.

When publishing content to an audience that already has an affinity with the segment in which you operate, many of them may decide to pay a visit to your website to access more relevant information.

Reach a new audience: Many companies are starting to develop digital marketing actions and get great results. However, there comes a time when it becomes difficult to attract new people interested in your products or services, right? The guest post allows you to reach a new audience and keep a great flow of interest in your brand.

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How does creating personas help your strategy?

The key to success with guest posts is finding partners who have an audience similar to yours. Imagine what the results would be achieved by a business consulting firm that posts as a guest on a gardening company’s blog. These are the topics that have no relationship whatsoever.

To be assertive in choosing the right partners, you can rely on buyer personas – which are a fictional representation of your ideal customer. Once you’ve created a persona, you’ll find it easier to assess whether that same customer would be willing to consume the products and services of the company you’ll be guest posting on.

How to create a buyer persona?

We just talked about the importance of using a buyer persona for success in a guest post strategy. The process for creating a persona is divided into two main steps: gathering information about customers and organizing that data. Here’s how to put this into practice:

  • Conduct interviews. The best method to gather accurate information about your persona is to interview your customers. Ask questions that help create a complete picture of your ideal client: demographic information, professionals, goals, challenges, needs, hobbies, motivations, consumption habits, among others.
  • Analyze the data. Once you’ve collected the complete data, it’s time to organize it to create a persona that has all these characteristics. He must have a name, age, job, income, family information, education level, desires, fears, objections and any other information that can help direct the communication in an assertive way.
  • Focus on a few personas. No matter how different the interviewed customers may be, try to focus on the most common information to describe an ideal customer. If you create several different personas, it will be very difficult to create content targeted to each one of them.

How to start making guest posts?

Now that you have your buyer persona in hand, let’s learn how you can get started with guest posts. Check out:

Make a list of related blogs: The first step in making guest posts is finding the ideal blogs for you to publish your content on. They must have a similar audience to yours, good traffic, and a good reputation in the market.

Make a list of all the blogs you would like to publish as a guest. It is on these websites/blogs that you will focus on putting a guest posts strategy into practice.

Create relationships: It won’t always be easy to convince other companies to publish one of your content as a guest – especially if you don’t already have a good reputation in the market. Therefore, after selecting the ideal environments for your guest posts, you will need to build relationships with these companies.

To achieve this, you can adopt several practices: follow their profiles on social networks, comment on publications, share some of your posts and try to show that you can also add value to their audience.

Get recommendations: A shortcut to get your first guest posts published is to get referrals from other companies that already have credibility in the segment. This is a great way to be seen with good eyes from the first contact to start a publishing partnership as a guest on another site.

Invest in good content: The guest post is not a practice used only to make a presence on other websites. You need to focus on publishing original, quality content – that really engages your audience and makes them want to know your company better.

To improve the reader’s experience and increase reading satisfaction, it is important to know the best copywriting techniques. With the production of irresistible content, the results of actions with guest posts will be fantastic.


Publishing guest posts allows you to build good relationships, build market authority and optimize your SEO strategy. However, you need to align this practice with the rest of your content marketing strategy for the results to really show up.