GWS Giants boss Adam Kingsley stuns footy fans with his crazy bench press skills after being called the most jacked footy coach in Australia

  • Adam Kingsley bench presses 120kg with ease during comedic video
  • GWS coach has been branded him the ‘muscliest’ coach in Australia
  • Fans were shocked and impressed by his strength in the gym

Greater Western Sydney coach Adam Kingsley has shown off his impressive bench press skills to show he’s lost none of his strength after being named the ‘muscliest coach in any footy comp in Australia’ two seasons ago.

Kingsley, 48, set tongues wagging when fans noticed he had packed on a serious amount of muscle since his playing days with Port Adelaide.

Radio personality and former Swans and Crows star Ryan Fitzgerald took to social media to declare how impressed he was with Kingsley’s physique, calling him a ‘beast’.

Former world champion and Commonwealth Games gold medal-winning swimmer James Magnussen, who’s no stranger to the weights room, took his praise a step further.

Adam Kingsley set tongues wagging when fans noticed he’d packed on a lot of muscle since his playing days (pictured), with Aussie Olympian James Magnussen branding him ‘the muscliest’ coach of any footy code in Australia

‘I saw a photo of him yesterday, the guy [Kingsley] is jacked,’ Magnussen laughed on radio.

‘He’s got to be the muscliest coach in any form of football here in Australia. He’s muscled up, shredded, veins popping, the whole kit and caboodle.’

On Monday, a video posted by GWS’s social media team showed exactly how Kingsley has developed his physique.

In the clip, Kingsley can be seen doing bench presses before GWS AFLW coach Cameron Bernasconi interrupts his workout and attempts to lift the same amount of weight.

For those paying close attention, Kingsley is pressi 120kg with ease – lifting four 20kg plates, two 10kg plates and the 20kg barbell.

‘He’s moving that s**t with ease,’ commented one fan in disbelief.

‘No spotter?’ replied another. 

‘Holy s**t. He’s benching more than most men ever have. The head coach of GWS Adam Kingsley is a beast!’ wrote a third.

Footy fans were shocked at how easily Kingsley bench pressed 120kg in the video

Footy fans were shocked at how easily Kingsley bench pressed 120kg in the video

Kingsley was rewarded for GWS’s transformation last year, being named the coach of the year at the AFLCA awards.

The first-year coach became the first person in Giants history to be recognised with the honour, having turned around the club’s fortunes and guiding them to within a whisker of making the grand final.

‘It’s a tremendous honour to receive this award, particularly given it’s an award voted on by the other coaches,’ he said afterwards.

‘I’m grateful for the support I’ve received this season from the club and our players but also a whole new coaching group and I’m exceptionally proud of the way we’ve come together to build a whole new program.’

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