Happy Hour at SCR888

The SCR888 gambling platform has been growing non-stop for the past few years and has reached its peak this year as one of the top-ranking online casinos in Asia. The team at SCR888 vouch to keep working to improve the site and doesn’t plan to stop boosting the reputation.

Not only that, we have more great news to share with you!

Recently, SCR888 had just hit 100,000 VIP members and we have loyal fans to thank for this great milestone, and we have plans to give something back to the crowd, and one of these plans is the initiation of a new bonus for VIP members.

Rejoice, because Happy Hour Special Weekend at SCR888 is here.

From today onwards, every weekend on SCR888 we will offer special rewards to members. Players that have signed up with SCR888 will have two forms of memberships to choose from, one being a regular membership and one being a VIP membership.

Both memberships will have unlimited access to all of the impressive content that we provide so that no one will feel left out of the SCR888 family.

However, if you choose to upgrade your membership to VIP you will have exclusive access to special bonuses, promotions, cash rebates, and event bonuses along with non-restricted access to all sorts of other gaming benefits.

One example of the aforementioned promotion would be the Happy Hour Special Weekend. Yes, Happy Hour only applies to VIP members, so be sure to upgrade your membership if you want to apply for it!

Happy Hour Special Weekend is, as indicated by the name, only available on weekends from 12 pm to 6 pm on Saturdays and 6 pm to 12 am on Sundays. During these hours, SCR888 VIP members 20% cash rebate of their deposited money.

That’s not all, members that are present during the promotion period will also receive 10 extra points in your account.

It must be noted that this promotion is available for slot games only, the bonus funds in your wallet can not be spent on other games such as live table games and multiplayer games.

The bonus funds are also yours and yours alone, it can not be transferred between accounts nor between different games.

Players can only apply for this promotion with one account, using multiple accounts to take advantage of the promotion is strictly prohibited and, if caught, will result in your bonus funds being rescinded!

SCR888 reserves the right to amend, modify or cancel the promotion at any time, either for all players or individuals. Players must agree to comply with the general terms and conditions of the online casino in order to be eligible to apply for the promotion.