Harrison Butker mocked by NFL fans after Chiefs revealed they may protect controversial star from tackles next season

NFL fans have brutally trolled Harrison Butker after it emerged the Kansas City Chiefs may protect their controversial kicker from tackles next season.

New kickoff rules to be introduced next season will mean kickers could realistically be involved in more bone-crunching hits – and the Chiefs want to protect their star man at all costs.

This had led to a flurry of taunts aimed at Butker on social media – who sparked major controversy earlier this month for a misogynistic speech given at a college’s graduation ceremony.

He told graduates at Benedictine College that women should prioritize being ‘homemakers’ instead of pursuing careers, while also taking aim at the LGBTQ+ community, abortion advocates and more in an opinion-dividing speech.

Those views, coupled with the Chiefs’ insistence that they will take him out of the firing line, led many on social media to mock Butker.

NFL fans trolled Harrison Butker after it emerged the Chiefs may protect him from tackles

‘Imagine being so masculine your coach is openly saying he’s taking you off the field if there’s any chance you could find yourself coming into contact with another player,’ wrote one fan.

‘As Butker stated himself “be masculine, do things that are hard”. Let him tackle’, added a second.

A third wrote: ‘A real man would just make the tackle’.

Another commented: ‘Now he can spend more time doing what really makes him happy – raising a family.’

‘Maybe they could get a masculine man to take the spot of Butker?’ another comment read. 

The NFL has distanced itself from Butker’s comments. The league said the comments and ‘views are not those of the NFL as an organization.’ 

NFL fans brutally trolled Harrison Butker after it emerged he could be protected from tackles

NFL fans brutally trolled Harrison Butker after it emerged he could be protected from tackles

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said the three-time Super Bowl winner is entitled to his beliefs, even though he doesn´t always agree with him.

Speaking about Butker on his ‘New Heights’ podcast, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce said he cherishes Butker as a teammate.

Butker spoke Friday night at the Regina Caeli Academy Courage Under Fire Gala in Nashville, Tennessee.

‘It is now, over the past few days, my beliefs or what people think I believe have been the focus of countless discussions around the globe,’ Butker said Friday.

‘At the outset, many people expressed a shocking level of hate. But as the days went on, even those who disagreed with my viewpoints shared their support for my freedom of religion.’

Butker said he understands being criticized for his performance on the field. The 28-year-old said he values his religion more than football.

‘It’s a decision I’ve consciously made and one I do not regret at all,’ he said.

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