Health Benefits of Smoothie and Fresh Juices

There is an extensive list of benefits of smoothie and fresh juices that includes faster weight loss, acts as an immunity booster, lowers cholesterol, aids in digestion, source of antioxidants, source of fiber, improves bone health, decreases the chances of getting cancer, etc. According to Tropical Smoothie Cafe and its famous survey, the smoothie industry is now at a peak and this may even lead to a better, health-oriented society.

Here we plan to examine each of the top benefits of smoothie and fresh juices. So, if anyone asks you about your affair with smoothies and fresh juices, here’s how you answer them:

They provide an immunity boost

Having a strong immune system is always important, but nowadays, probably more than even. Fresh juices and smoothies are based on vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C. Lemons, tangerines, oranges, grapefruits, etc., contain high doses of vitamin C.

Energy booster

Vegetables and fruits pack a healthy dose of carbohydrates. With their help, your energy levels will be consistent all day long, and you can forget about those mid-afternoon crashes. For instance, a smoothie featuring yogurt and fruit can keep you on your toes throughout the entire day.

Pro tip: By using yogurt as a base, you can significantly slow down the digestive process. Thanks to that, you will feel fuller over a longer period.

Mood booster

While pounding the topic of boosters, fresh juices and smoothies feature a lot of flavonols, folates, and antioxidants. These are minerals and vitamins in their purest form in vegetables and fruits. There are even clinical trials confirming that fresh juices and smoothies can improve people’s mood.

Those same clinical trials also proved that smoothies and fresh juices are closely related to the production of serotonin. Serotonin is considered a key element in preserving one’s mental health.

Promote weight loss

By simply replacing one meal per day with a glass of fresh juice or a smoothie, you are speeding up the weight loss process. By doing so, you will not only cut back on your calorie intake but will feel more energetic throughout the day.

Slow down the aging process

There is a plethora of fruits and veggies that are known for their anti-aging benefits. Some of the best-known anti-aging fruits and vegetables are oranges, spinach, blueberries, and broccoli. Spinach and broccoli even feature a coenzyme known as Q10. This is a type of enzyme that is known to be very effective in reducing wrinkles.

Reduce your bad cholesterol

Veggies and fruits such as grapes, carrots, avocados, and blueberries are known for their cholesterol-reducing properties. If you replace your average breakfast of bacon or pancakes with a smoothie or a fresh juice, your bad cholesterol will take a sudden plummet.

Prevents dehydration

It is common knowledge that 70% of our body is water and that it is super important to stay hydrated at all times. In case of dehydration, you risk getting a low blood volume shock, kidney problems, urinary problems, heat injury. Having a glass of fresh juice or a smoothie along with your breakfast can replenish the water in your body.

Smoothies and fresh juices for a healthier heart

Oranges, grapefruits, and limes are citrus fruits that are rich in folates and potassium. Folates boost the production of healthy blood cells, whereas potassium is a mineral that helps regulate your blood pressure. Constant consumption of citrus fruits can help your heart in optimal shape. There’s no better way to consume them than as part of a smoothie or freshly squeezed orange juice.

With this, we wrap up our quest into the world of fresh juices and smoothies. Now that you know the true worth of these superbly healthy drinks, you can include them in your lifestyle.