Heartbreak for northern NSW mum separated from newborn flown to Brisbane for lifesaving treatment

Heartbreak for young mum whose newborn son was flown to Brisbane for lifesaving treatment immediately after birth – and now she can’t see him for two weeks due to quarantine

  • Parents can’t be with their sick newborn son due to coronavirus restrictions 
  • Harvey airlifted to Brisbane from northern NSW due to breathing difficulties
  • Chantelle and Glen Northfield not allowed to see him without 14 day quarantine

A heartbroken mother has broken down in tears at the possibility of being apart from her sick newborn son for up to two weeks due to coronavirus restrictions.

Chantelle and Glen Northfield from Casino in northern NSW welcomed the arrival of their second son Harvey at nearby Lismore Base Hospital last Friday.

Little Harvey had difficulty breathing and was airlifted to Royal Brisbane and Woman’s Hospital for lifesaving treatment as his condition rapidly deteriorated. 

His mother revealed in a gut-wrenching Facebook post she currently can’t at her newborn’s hospital bedside, despite getting a NSW Health exemption to cross the strict state border to be with Harvey.

Baby Harvey was airlifted to Brisbane not long after he was born on Friday. Pictured are parents Glen and Chantelle Northfield following the birth

‘Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the closure of the Queensland border, Glen and I were refused entry to the hospital until after 14 days mandatory quarantine in a hotel,’ Ms Northfield wrote.

‘We would of been more than willing to do that if there was a guarantee that Harvey would be there for that long but no one is 100 per cent sure and the second he no longer needs such extensive treatment he will be flown back to Lismore.’

Ms Northfield was willing to take a coronavirus test but still wouldn’t be able to be with Harvey even if the result came back negative. 

‘We have tried our absolute hardest to get there, and the workers for the hospital tried as well, it was just one person from higher up that refused our entry. 

‘The best we get is FaceTime for now.’

Chantelle Northfield (pictured) has to undergo 14 days of hotel quarantine before she can be by her newborn's bedside in Brisbane

Chantelle Northfield (pictured) has to undergo 14 days of hotel quarantine before she can be by her newborn’s bedside in Brisbane

Ms Northfield, who celebrated her birthday on Monday is distressed about being separated from her sick three-day-old son. 

‘FaceTime just isn’t the same, I can’t even lay a finger on him and just say that I love him,’ a distraught Ms Northfield told Seven News. 

‘He’s just hooked up to tubes, he’s sleeping, he doesn’t get to hear my heartbeat and feel the comfort of that.’  

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Royal Brisbane and Woman’s Hospital for further comment. 

Glen and Chantelle Northfield (pictured) are desperate to be by their baby's hospital bedside

Glen and Chantelle Northfield (pictured) are desperate to be by their baby’s hospital bedside

Friends have set up a Change.org petition urging Queensland authorities for the decision to be reversed, which has already garnered more than 3,300 signatures.

The promising news is that Harvey’s condition has improved and could be reunited with his family back in NSW as early as Wednesday.

‘All I want are both my boys with me,’ Ms Northfield said.

‘I just want him to know how much I love him.’

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