Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return or Form 2290

How to file Form 2290?

Heavy vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more need to file form 2290 and pay the HVUT tax. Every truck owner-operator and trucking business needs to stay tax compliant and pay their tax on time to avoid penalties.

Certain e-filing partners offer services and guidance to paying the right amount of the tax through Form 2290. IRS authorized 2290 e-filing partners to allow for easy tax filing and payment.

Before the advent of e-filing platforms, the tax filing process was carried out manually through paper filing. Today, millions of taxpayers rely on e-filing platforms to file their 2290 returns.

Taxpayers who file their form 2290 will receive an IRS watermarked Schedule 1, which acts as proof of payment of the HVUT tax. There are two ways to file the tax i.e., electronic filing and paper filling.

For the online tax filing, the truck owner needs to follow the given steps

  • Register with a trusted e-filing partner: Firstly, the business owner needs to pick an e-filing partner for filing their Form 2290. Users need to register for an account using their registered email address and mobile number. So that the person can receive all the important information related to Form 2290.
  • Provide business details: Enter information such as business name and address, EIN, and the total number of employees in the company. Business name and EIN should match with the SS-4 copy issued by the IRS. So that there is no scope of rejections.
  • Details about the signing authorities: It is very important to enter the details about the signing authorities like name, designation, phone number, and the PIN, which will act as the electronic signature during the e-filing of Form 2290. The user must provide accurate information devoid of typos and errors.
  • Details about third-party designee: If third-party designees are involved, enter their details like name, phone number, PIN, etc. If there is no involvement of a third-party designee, better to clear it in the form.
  • Filling types: The user needs to choose whether they are paying for a single truck or more than one truck.
  • Provide additional information such as tax period, First Used Month, vehicle type, VIN, gross weight, etc., when prompted.
  • Vehicle details: Enter the vehicle type, VIN, gross weight, and tax amount.
  • Tax Summary: Before submitting the filing information, review the details carefully to ensure that there are no errors.
  • Mode of payment: The person needs to select the mode of payment: Debit/Credit Card, EFW, ESTPS, ACH payment, and check/money order.
  • Pay the filing fees: After entering all the necessary details, the user can submit form 2290 and pay the HVUT tax.

Once the user completes the process above successfully, they will receive the IRS stamped Form 2290 Schedule 1 on their registered email address. In addition, a copy of it will be available on the dashboard for download. They will also receive a copy of the stamped schedule 1 in their inbox. When the talk comes to the manual filling the process is a little lengthy.

Make a note of the below points while filing your form 2290:

  • Basic details: You must provide details such as business name, EIN, and address. It should match the details that the IRS has on records.
  • Purpose of filing: The user needs to specify the purpose of filing the form, such as address change, VIN correction, final return, or amended return. The user needs to select the most appropriate one from it.
  • Details related to tax: Tax amount depends on factors like the vehicle’s gross weight, mileage, and the first used month of the vehicle.
  • Details regarding suspended vehicles: If the taxable vehicle does not exceed the 5,000-miles limit, it will fall under the suspended vehicle category. The user needs to indicate the same while filing form 2290. Better to provide the appropriate details about it.
  • Details regarding third-party designees: Enter details of third-party designees, if required.
  • Declaration and signature: Before submitting the form, review all the details once again and make sure that all the details are accurate.
  • There are two ways to file form 2290: e-filing and paper filing. No doubt, the electronic mode is much simpler and faster. Not to mention, the users will also receive the IRS watermarked schedule 1 within minutes after e-filing the form. No doubt, the electronic mode is much simpler and faster, but the user needs to know about Form 2290 due date.

This is how truck users can be responsible for their duties regarding tax payments. Choosing the best e-filing service provider like eForm2290.com can help to file Form 2290 in a systematic way. Even ensuring that all the data of the user is in safe hands.