Here’s a Simple Guide to Betting on Horse Races

Throughout the years, horse racing is one of the most celebrated sporting events in the United States. Amidst the chaos of the Coronavirus outbreak, horse racing activities are looking to continue to saddle up in the United States. In fact, the Triple Crown showdown is underway as proof that it can stand out from many sports who are facing indefinite breaks.

Aside from the racehorses that most of the fans anticipate, horse racing comes with numerous betting games that gamblers could participate in. It’s not that complicated and it’s loads of fun. Aside from that, huge payouts are at stake. Betting smart instead of betting all out, can help you earn a considerably good amount.

As horse racing games continue to progress this season and in the coming years, you must learn how this sport works together with its betting games. As such, we’ll lay out the simplest guides on how you can bet on horses. You may also click this link to get some tips about choosing a horse or jockey that would suit your betting strategy.

Understand Horse Race Betting Terminologies

Just like any other sport, horse racing has its own jargons and words. You must learn to understand the terminologies involved with the sport. Make sure to familiarize all the jargon so you’ll not get caught up when betting.

It is also one way of coping up in classifying what type of bets you are going to place either offline or online. If you won’t familiarize with the terms involved in a sport, you can lose track of your bets. Instead of winning big, you’ll get to experience an expensive all because you didn’t learn the terms. Avoid the hassle and try to familiarize yourself with a sport’s jargons.

In line with that, here are some of the most common horse race betting terminologies you must understand to avoid any unfortunate mishaps.

  • Win – It is the easiest betting game to bet on because you only need to choose an entry that can win the entire horse racing show.
  • Place – If you’d like to increase your chances of winning, you can bet for a Place category, which allows you to pick two entries that finish either first or second place.
  • Show – This is a betting game for gamblers who’d like a more safe bet. It allows you to gamble with three entries, which can either finish in first, second, or third. Because of the low risk involved with this bet, payouts are significantly smaller compared to other bets.
  • Exacta – Exacta lets you pick two racehorses which need to end up in first and second, in the correct order rightfully.
  • Trifecta – Payouts are significantly good when you bet on the correct order of horses on who comes first, second, and third in Trifecta bets.
  • Superfecta – This bet has the biggest payout among the other bets. Although the payout is big, it’s extremely difficult to predict the exact placement of four horses. In the small chance that you do predict who comes in first, second, third, and fourth, you’re in for a big payday.

Choosing A Horse To Bet

After you have learned the horse betting terminologies, it’s time to pick a deserving horse to gamble. Remember that in a single horse racing game, more than ten entries are running in the field. Make sure that you pick the fastest and strongest horse in the field to win the betting games. Here are some tips to consider when selecting the best entry.

Trainer’s Background

Even if a horse’s pedigree is of the highest quality, without skills, they’re just another horse. These skills are developed with the help of the trainer. He is responsible for progressing the horse’s speed and evolving his talents to saddle in different race tracks. Also, horses undergo several months of training before they can finally compete in horse races. When choosing a deserving entry to bet on, you must pick a horse with a well-accomplished trainer.

Jockey’s Form

Aside from the trainers, jockeys play a significant role for a horse to win races. The jockeys control the horses’ speed to reach the finish line efficiently. Pay attention when it comes to the relationship of the horse and the jockey. Relationship between man and animal is an important aspect that develops through time. If in the rare chance that a jockey and horse were to race for a few times, their bond might not be as strong. Be wary of these small intangibles when betting.


Betting in horse racing games is one of the best ways to have fun while earning a bit of money on the side. Before you get into serious betting, you should first know the ins and outs of the sport. With the tips mentioned above, you’ll be one step to a fun experience at the races.