Hero cop who shot gun-toting robber, fired by state for threatening to shoot attorneys 

A high ranking cop and state investigator who was hailed a hero for shooting a suspect in a hold-up, has been fired from the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office for making violent threats. 

Jose Alfonso was fired by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office after his daughter’s alleged he said he couldn’t stand the sight of attorneys, and that he sometimes wanted to shoot them, according to the Miami-Herald.  

Alfonso, who is going through a contentious divorce, was investigated for two weeks by State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s office, according to the Miami New Times, who first reported the story. 

The state attorney investigators suggested he resigned. When he refused, he was fired. 

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Jose Alfonso (left) was fired by State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s office, after he allegedly made threats about shooting attorneys 

However, Alfonso is arguing that his daughter misled investigators and took his comments out of context.  

‘It’s all a lie. it’s not true,’ he told the Herald. ‘I’m done with the state attorney. They’re worried about their image not their investigators. My daughter lied about all this because I’m going through a divorce.’

Alfonso became a hero when he was off-duty at a CVS in Perrine in October and saw a masked robber screaming and pointing a gun at employees.

Jumping to action, Alfonso dischaged his weapon and struck suspect William Munoz, who then drove himself to a hospital.

Alfonso was hailed a hero when he shot armed robbing suspect William Munoz (pictured) which ultimately let to his arrest 

Alfonso was hailed a hero when he shot armed robbing suspect William Munoz (pictured) which ultimately let to his arrest 

Police were able to locate Munoz, 38, five days later and arrested him. He was charged with armed robbery.    

The Florida Police Benevolent Association called Alfonso ‘a hero’ for his quick thinking, and potentially life saving maneuvering. 

During Alfonso’s state investigation he disclosed that his wife wanted a large chunk of his pension, his salary and to pay her attorney fees as well. 

Alfonso’s daughters first became concerned with their father’s behavior on May 3 when one of them allegedly received a text from him saying he wanted to resign and shoot all of the attorneys, including non state attorneys. 

Alfonso said the ‘threat’ was simply a case of auto-correct gone awry.   

He claimed his cellphone changed ‘shut down’ to ‘shoot down.’

During the course of the two week investigation, at one point Alfonso turned himself into a mental health facility.

He was released and a doctor told the investigators on his case that he showed no sign that he would hurt himself or others.   

When Alfonso was encouraged to resign by the State Attorney’s office back on May 16, he was told that in doing so he would have a better ‘chances of getting future law-enforcement employment.’ 

Alfonso refused and was terminated less than a month later.


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