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Highest-paying jobs in Singapore

The country of Singapore is a tourist destination for many different travellers from different parts of the world. But aside from being rich with tourist spots, many people looking for job opportunities flock to Singapore to find a bright future.

Singapore is known to be a melting pot of talented individuals from different walks of life and different sections of the globe. With the diversity that exists in the country, there are many work opportunities to choose from. To help you see the jobs in Singapore, we’ve listed down some of the highest-paying jobs in Singapore.

University Lecturer

As long as there are students to teach, the need for professors will always exist. Usually, before a person is considered a university professor, they need to start as an assistant professor. Once their credibility and skill are proven, they can slowly climb up to become an associate professor until they reach the level of a professor.

However, they do more than conducting lectures and other typical responsibilities of an educator. As university professors, they also need to contribute to the body of knowledge to advance their field further. Professorial roles are one of the most sought-after positions because of how limited the vacancies are.

To secure a position or increase the possibility of getting hired for a university academic position, getting a doctorate in your field is best. A tenured professor can enjoy an income of around $ 13 000.

Information Technology Manager

As one of the advanced technology leaders in Asia, there is an ever-growing need for a monthly salary of those who wish to work in Singapore can happily take home as much as $9400. With the booming industry of technology, the Singaporean Government continues to put as many resources into creating the best ICT infrastructures they can offer.

More than that, the Government even went as far as investing a total of $3.5 billion in procuring ICT resources. The plans of the Government will only further the country’s digitalization and will only create even more job opportunities in the near future.

Foreign Exchange Broker

In terms of being the financial center, Singapore is a great contender all over the planet. With this kind of economic profile, being a broker is one of the top 5 jobs in Singapore that ranks the highest in a competitive salary.

The number of tourists that visit Singapore every year has allowed the country to have a considerable amount of foreign currency reserves. Plus, the Singaporean dollar is gaining significant recognition in terms of the global forex market.

The job description of a foreign exchange broker includes purchasing and selling foreign currencies in the market, and they must be knowledgeable of the facts and figures in just a few taps of a button.

In singular trading, they can stand to lose or gain as much as millions of dollars. In addition, they must be able to work under tremendous amounts of stress and demand. With the right amount of diligence and hard work, a broker can earn as much as $13000 every month.

Singapore has always been a proud country that has created a name for itself on the international stage, from tourism to business. With the amount of diversity and commendable practice of inclusivity, anyone will want to work in Singapore. More than that, the country offers some of the most competitive compensation across the board from various professionals the country needs.