HIIT For Beginners: Recommended Exercises and Tips

Losing weight is a task that takes time, however, if you are looking for an intense routine with which you can shorten the response times of the body, then HIIT for beginners is the solution. Get to know it!

HIIT for beginners is based on high-impact training with which results can be achieved in a fraction of the usual time. In this sense, performing between 10 and 20 minutes of this physical conditioning modality will achieve the performance of a cardio exercise that is around 40 minutes.

Its use is perfect for people who have little time to train, those who have sedentary habits and even for those who want to give their physical condition an extra boost. Therefore, from now on we delve into what HIIT is for beginners, how it is practiced and the ideal tips to progress.

What is HIIT and how to start your practice?

To answer what HIIT is, we must know the meaning of its acronym, which is High-Intensity Interval Training.

The intervals used are between 20 and 45 seconds of workouts that are interspersed with 10 or 15 seconds of rest. In this way, the tension in the muscles is promoted to be cumulative, resulting in the exponential multiplying of the results.

To start HIIT for beginners, a routine of 5 or 7 minutes and the use of exercises that are mastered is recommended, since an incorrect movement can cause injuries. Also, there is a simpler adaptation modality that consists of 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking. Everything will depend on the response of the body.

HIIT for beginners: what exercises are recommended?

HIIT for beginners should be tailored to the physical capabilities of each person. Thus, it becomes decisive that the exercises and interval times are personalized.

The increase in intensity must be gradual to achieve the expected effectiveness. Among the recommended exercises to introduce are the following:

  • Anaerobic iron.
  • Race in tight spaces.
  • Twist flexion.
  • Squat
  • Step-up on wall or chair.
  • Star jump.
  • Short and long abdominal.
  • Bench dips for triceps.
  • Side lunges.

HIIT routines for beginners may seem demanding on the first attempts, but they work for weight loss. If you are unable to follow weight loss exercise or diet with consistency, we would recommend that you try a weight loss supplement.

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