Hilarious moment mother asks her Cocker Spaniel to help choose her  lottery numbers

This is the hilarious moment a woman enlisted the help of her Cocker Spaniel to help choose her lottery numbers by reading out figures and picking the ones that received a woof or a howl.

Footage of the unnamed British woman was shared to TikTok by her daughter, 17, who goes by the username @iliterallylovecatssomuch, showing the family dog, Freckles, helping to choose her lottery numbers.

Perched on a chair, the mum read out numbers to Freckles who sat at her feet, howling at the numbers she liked the sound of while staying quiet for what she sensed were not the winning figures.

Once the selection was complete, she double checked first with Freckles before submitting them. 

A woman has enlisted the help of her cocker spaniel to help choose her lottery numbers but reading out numbers and picking the ones that get a woof or a howl

‘Shall we have those ones?’ she asked the pup who gave an affirming yes in the form of another howl. 

‘Have you got her to pick your lottery numbers?’ asked her sniggering daughter who recorded the scene with her mum proudly answering, ‘Yeah’.

‘Are you gonna get her to do it all the time?’

‘Just one week, just for tonight’ said the mum as she submitted the numbers on her online account. 

Although Freckles seemed sure of her numbers, a follow up video from the TikToker revealed that she didn’t have the magic touch after all. 

‘What’s the answer Freckles, did we we [win]?’ asked the daughter who received a hopeful howl from the family pet. 

Freckles the cocker spaniel barked for the numbers she thought were the winning numbers

Freckles the cocker spaniel barked for the numbers she thought were the winning numbers 

‘I don’t think we did, there’s no good saying we did,’ her mother said to the sheepish pooch who responded in the only way she knew how.

‘We didn’t! You didn’t choose a single winning number, did you?’ said Mum, giving Freckles an accusing look as she barked innocently.

The response from Freckles? An unsurprising nod to the air to let out an enormous howl. 

A canine behaviourist recently revealed Cocker Spaniels are one of the worse behaved breeds owners can buy. 

Will Atherton explained that ‘working line cocker spaniels’ are the most mischievous pooches and the ‘number one breed people get for the wrong reasons’.

‘They bring this dog that is bred to do a job and work in the field all day and expect it to be a couch potato, Instagram dog,’ he explained.

Alongside their tendency to react quickly and lead pulling, the canine trainer added that the Cocker Spaniels’ love of barking, is one of the reason they’re such a tricky breed to have at home.  

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