Hiring a Moving Company for Short Moves

If you’re just moving down the street, you may reconsider using a moving service to get your belongings to your new home. After all, you can always ham-hand it. You can let boxes hang out of your trunk or balance your mattress precariously atop your car. It’s not remotely legal and we don’t recommend it, but everyone has that era in their life when that’s exactly what they do.

Spend a little time with us and reconsider your options. A mover makes life so much easier.


The towering mountain of clothes. The huge stack of books. The endless pots and pans of your kitchen. This is the stuff of your nightmares when you decide to move. Not only are these objects seemingly multiplying even as you pack, but you never have enough boxes on hand. Then you have to stop, pick more up, come back—wash, rinse, repeat. It’s enough to frustrate anyone.

With a moving company on board, you can simply kick back and direct the moving team as needed. They can pack your belongings faster, easier, and with more efficiency than you can do so yourself.

Moving Heavy Items

Taking some heavy things with you? Maybe you’re moving a toolbox or a washing machine. These weighty items can not only become difficult to move but a health hazard, too. One slip, one dropping accident, one missed grip and somebody is going to the doctor, if not the emergency room.

Yes, you can rent furniture dollies and other items to help you while moving heavy items, but nobody wants to move their piano up or down sets of stairs. Nobody, that is, except your moving team. They see this sort of situation constantly and, with so much experience, have no trouble in navigating these moments. When you hire a moving company you’re hiring their ability as much as you are their experience.

Better Time Management

Moving time is hectic. No matter how carefully managed your best-laid plans are, something is likely to go amiss. This will impact your packing time, your moving time, and the time that you need to deal with everything else going on in you life.

When you hire a moving company, you free up all of that time. If you need to appear at your utility company in person to change your address of service, you can do that as the movers continue to pack and tag your belongings. And while we realize fewer utility companies are requiring this, it’s just an example. Whenever you move, something will come up. It always does, and the movers are there to take care of your house clean-out while you’re busy dealing with the scramble.


If you have your own box truck or 4×4, do you really want to try to haul your belongings in it? Not only can loading and unloading take days or weeks for larger homes, but you’re very likely to end up with scratches and dings on your vehicle.

Let the movers use their vehicles for your move. Most moving trucks are equipped with variety of ramps to make wheeling your belongings in all the simpler. Better yet, their insurance company will cover your goods from the time of packing until the time of unpacking at your destination. Will your insurance company cover a household’s worth of items if your box truck has a leak?