Hiring a Professional Dog Walk Brisbane Service When You Can’t Walk Your Dog

Just like humans, health is important to dogs. And one of the simplest ways to keep them healthy is through regular walks. Most dog breeds are required to be walked at least once a day. Active dogs may require more. However, there may be times wherein you may not be able to engage in a dog walk Brisbane activity for some reason. So, what should you do in this situation?

Dog Walkers to the Rescue

In Australia, pet owners are required to walk their dogs every day as per the Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill. Failure to comply with this law will result in paying a fine worth $2,700. But we all have different responsibilities to face that squeezing in dog walking to our schedules can become quite a challenge. When this happens, just search for ‘dog walkers near me’ online.

What Is a Dog Walker?

A dog walker is someone who is paid by dog owners to walk their dog on their behalf. They may walk a single dog or multiple dogs at the same time. The important thing is that they should be trained in handling a dog walk Brisbane service. This is a perfect career opportunity for those who love dogs or those who don’t want a typical office job.

Duties of a Dog Walker

Professional dog walkers have a major responsibility of looking after the dogs entrusted to them. Yes, their main job is to take the dog for a walk. However, they need to ensure that the dog remains safe throughout the service.

How to Choose a Dog Walker?

Our dogs are already a part of our family. That is why if you’re going to leave them to someone, you have to make sure that such person is trustworthy. Here are some points to remember when searching for ‘local dog walkers near me’ online:

Know Their Training: Dog walkers should possess the latest information about dog behaviour and dog handling. Plus points if they have completed canine first aid training and can show certificates as evidence. They should also bring along a canine first aid kit on hand in every meeting in case of emergency.

Ask If They Have Insurance: A lot of things can happen during a dog walk in Brisbane service. Your dog may escape or worse, may hurt the dog walker unintentionally. Because of this, it’s important to hire a dog walker with insurance so that you may be free from such liabilities. The good news is that Australian pet sitters are required to have Public Liability Insurance by law.

Check References and Reviews: You’ll get to know the dog walker better from the recommendations of previous clients. This should reveal their work ethics and the level of service they provide in handling dog walking services. However, it’s a bit tricky if the person you’re talking to doesn’t have any experience yet. It’s still up to you if you’re willing to give them a chance on taking care of your dog.

Ask for a Meet and Greet: Let that potential dog walker meet your dog before hiring them. You may even walk together to get an idea of whether they will get along or not. Observe how your dog will interact with the dog walker. Dogs will usually be comfortable around the presence of expert dog walkers unless they are fearful. If this is the case, check how the dog walker will handle the situation. Ask for a second meeting, if possible, to see if there’s any progress between your dog and the dog walker.

In Summary

Walking should be a part of the daily lives of dogs not just because it’s required by the law but also for the health benefits your dog can get. Being busy shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to engage your dog for a walk. Ask the help of a professional dog walker to ensure your dog acquires its much-needed energy source.