Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg’s heartfelt appeal to save public golf course during a round after plans to split it in half were announced

Hollywood A-lister Mark Wahlberg has taken time out from a round of golf to issue an urgent plea to save the Aussie course he was playing on. 

Wahlberg – looking every part the golfer with a neatly attired sweater, slacks, cap and white gloves – made the plea to the NSW government not to close the Moore Park Golf Course in Sydney’s inner east to create a public park.

‘I know I am not a citizen of Australia but I am pleading to you to save Moore Park Golf Club,’ Wahlberg said in a video on Saturday.

Hollywood A-lister Mark Wahlberg has made a plea to the NSW government to save the public Moore Park golf course

‘It’s been here for over 100 years, it’s been giving people hundreds and hundreds of years of pleasure and joy.

‘Just people being able to come out and get a nice healthy walk, spend quality time together with family and friends.

‘Please I’ve seen lots and lots of parks and I haven’t seen too many lovely public golf courses like this that have access for everybody. Please save Moore Park Golf Club.’

There are still 12 days left for the public to make submissions on the plan to split the course in two and separate 45 hectares for other uses.

About 20 of those hectares will be turned into public parkland.

The NSW government intends to halve the land allocated to the golf course and create a new park

The NSW government intends to halve the land allocated to the golf course and create a new park

‘Over the past century, Sydney has changed significantly,’ NSW Premier Chris Minns said in announcing the plan. 

‘When the golf course was first established, the surrounding areas were largely industrial lands.

‘As we work to tackle the housing crisis facing NSW by building up, we know that delivering public infrastructure including parks is more important than ever before.

‘There is huge demand from residents in the city for a variety of community sporting facilities in the city’s inner south, and with further density planned this will only grow.’

Wahlberg came to Australia in late February and has been spotted in Sydney in recents weeks as he reportedly shoots a movie in the country. 

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