Home Renovation Tips to Maximize Property Value

Bored of the old look of your home? Well, then it’s time for renovation of it. But then you will have to spend dollars on it. Let it be like that only. Wait, think about it again. Let me give you one of the biggest reasons for it.

Renovation can add more value to your home when you will want to sell it. In this article, we will show you some home renovation tips such as hot water replacement, wall paints, etc to maximize property value in a cost-effective method.

Home Renovation Tips to Maximize Your Property Value

Home renovation is the process of redefining the look of your house, by changing the color of the wall, flooring, furniture, etc. Do you know that adding some finishing touches to your house may help you to earn extra dollars? Well, here are some effective home renovation tips.


  • Wall Paint: By changing the color of the wall, you can change the overall look of your room. An old, dirty wall full of scratches and holes will not look good at all. Therefore the first thing you should do is paint the walls with neutral color paint. Why? Because it makes your room look broader and open.
  • Fixture: Fix any kind of small problem that can help you to increase the value of your house. For instance, switchboards, light fixtures, doorknobs, curtain rods, etc.
  • Flooring: Broken wooden flooring can ruin your impression on your guests as well as potential buyers. Therefore, try to change or repair the floorings.
  • Lights: Dim and dull lights can make your room look small and ruin your mood. Therefore, try to change the lighting of your room.
  • Windows and Door: If there are any issues with your windows or doors try to fix that too, for instance, repair knobs, change broken glass, handles, etc. Moreover, improve your windows by adding shutters, wooden blinds, or drapes.
  • Pest Control: While your customer is here to take a look at the house and there goes a mouse running. Here goes the price of your home down. So, before this happens make sure to address any kind of pest problems in your home.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is the heart of your home. Remember a woman stays in the house for most of her time. And she should not feel bad in the kitchen. It will ruin her mood and she may deny buying your house.


  • New taps for sink: An old, dripping tap stands nowhere in this environment-loving human. Nowadays, people feel good to see them and it is not good for nature too. Therefore, try to repair or change them altogether.
  • Change island: Change the look of your kitchen by changing the way its island looks. For example, fixing them and changing their material.
  • Increase counter space: A kitchen needs a big counter space to keep all your delicacies on the side or to stand to cut vegetables. Try to maximize the counter space without compromising the space of your kitchen.
  • Storage: Increase the storage capacity of your kitchen by adding more storage options like cabinets, shelves, etc.


  • Fixture: Fix all kinds of taps, showers, switches, knobs, etc.
  • Lighting: A bathroom needs to be bright and fresh. Therefore, try to replace old lighting with a new one.
  • Hot water replacement: Hot water is necessary for winters and colder places. If you are located in a colder place you should repair your old one with a new and energy-efficient hot water replacement. You can take this to the next level by adding a solar hot water system.
  • Sink: The sink is important for your bathroom…why? Because it is the first thing you will face in the morning to brush your teeth or wash your face. Try to repair the faucet and drain pipe.
  • Towel bars: Towel bars can add more charm to your bathroom. They are cheap and stylish.


What will your guest look like first? The exterior look of your house.

Therefore, try to change them by following tips:

  • Door: Try to change your door and see how this small step will change the outer appearance of your home.
  • Doormat: A simple welcome doormat can also add a little magical touch to your house.
  • Paint: Paint the exterior walls of your house to maximize the profit. Trust me this s probably the most important tip.
  • Backyard: A backyard is a place where you can relax as well as entertain your guests. It is an important place to sit back and relax. Moreover, it’s the best place for throwing a barbeque party. Try to add outdoor seating, repair or repaint the fence and trim all those extra bushes and grass.
  • Garden: If your customers are all nature lovers the first thing they will look for is a garden. Therefore, don’t let this last thing ruin your overall deal. Try to plant beautiful flowers, trim the grasses, add little and cute gnomes, and fix the garden faucet.

You can opt for a theme garden like Xerophytic plant types.

Bonus Tips

  • Do repair any kind of leakage or holes in the walls.
  • Clean and dust your house before showing it to your customers.
  • Replace any faulty wiring in the house to ensure safety.
  • Try not to do extra things like making swimming pools, central air conditioning systems, floor heating, ceilings, etc. They will not add any additional value. In addition, they may chase away your potential customers.


Home Renovation is a bonus for both seller and buyer. How? While as a seller, you can earn extra income on your home, as a buyer, you can save the cost of renovation of your new home.

Moreover, if you are only doing renovation for yourself then that too it’s great. As you should be able to enjoy your home and feel comfortable. You can choose modern or classic renovation and mix and match according to your taste.

A little change can make a big difference. So, which one is your favorite renovation tip? Do tell us in the comment section below.

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