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HOROSCOPES: Everyone has anxieties | Daily Mail Online

Scorpio 24 OCT-22 NOV Everyone has anxieties, but not everyone worries about them as much as you do. This week’s dazzling aspect linking the Sun in your sign with perceptive Neptune urges you to think only positive thoughts. Believe it or not, Scorpio is one of the most favoured signs in the Zodiac at the moment. You have no reason to be unhappy. CALL 0904 470 1168 (65p per minute)*

Sagittarius 23 NOV-21 DEC Leave well alone this week. No matter how sorry you feel for one person or how angry with another, friends and relatives must be left to settle their differences in their own way. It is good of you to want to help, but why waste your time? No one will thank you. CALL 0904 470 1169 (65p per minute)*

Capricorn 22 DEC-20 JAN You are a person of strong likes and dislikes – and you seldom change your views. That said, being an Earth sign, your emotions run deep. Neptune’s influence suggests that someone is about to benefit from your generosity. Be sure that they deserve it. CALL 0904 470 1170 (65p per minute)*

Aquarius 21 JAN-19 FEB No one is plotting behind your back. No one has it in for you. Be a little less suspicious and you may find that someone in a position of power is offering you a very good deal. There are no strings attached – it is just your imagination playing tricks on you. CALL 0904 470 1171 (65p per minute)*

Pisces 20 FEB-20 MARCH Aim for your highest ideal this week. Other targets may seem easier or offer more financial rewards, but there is more to life than easy victories and material comfort. Do something that helps others – it will make you feel that your life is worthwhile. CALL 0904 470 1172 (65p per minute)*

Aries 21 MARCH-20 APRIL Recent events have been a drain on your resources, but look on the bright side. A more positive phase is just around the corner. Put any feelings of regret or remorse behind you. By the time of Saturday’s Full Moon, it simply won’t matter any more. CALL 0904 470 1161 (65p per minute)*

Taurus 21 APRIL-21 MAY You will feel at peace with yourself and connected to the world at large this week, thanks to a wonderful Sun-Neptune aspect. Seek out people who mean a lot to you, who you feel naturally in tune with. Together you can move mountains – if you feel that energetic. CALL 0904 470 1162 (65p per minute)*

Gemini 22 MAY-21 JUNE You may feel suspicious this week, thinking that there is a catch to everything. It could be that someone is offering you something because they like you or it is their nature to want to share. Not everyone is as self-serving as you seem to believe. CALL 0904 470 1163 (65p per minute)*

Cancer 22 JUNE-23 JULY Do what your conscience tells you is right even if it means ending up out of pocket or in the bad books of an authority figure. Status and success mean nothing unless you know you deserve them and you won’t if you deliberately bend or ignore the rules. CALL 0904 470 1164 (65p per minute)*

Leo 24 JULY-23 AUG Make an effort to be nice to people you don’t always get along with this week. They may not make much of an effort to be nice in return, but that is not the point of the exercise. You have certain standards of behaviour and if you allow them to fall, so will your self-esteem. CALL 0904 470 1165 (65p per minute)*

Virgo 24 AUG-23 SEPT Be open about your emotions this week. You may be defensive by nature, but there are times when you can sense it is right to let the world know how you feel and this is one of them. Why cut yourself off from people who can help you and give you the love you require? CALL 0904 470 1166 (65p per minute)*

Libra 24 SEPT-23 OCT The past weeks may have been tough, but now you can sense a change in the air. Once Venus, your ruler, energises structured Saturn on Friday, you will feel brighter about your future – personally, professionally and financially. Keep telling yourself how lucky you are. CALL 0904 470 1167 (65p per minute)*


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