Houston Rockets star Boban Marjanovic sends crowd wild by DELIBERATELY missing free throw in NBA season finale… so Clippers fans can win free chicken!

  • Boban Marjanovic paid back his former fans by missing a free throw on purpose 
  • By missing two in a row, he won the Clippers fans in attendance free chicken 
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Houston Rockets center Boban Marjanovic purposely missed a free throw while his team was up big to send Los Angeles Clippers fans home with free chicken in the last game of the regular season.

With the Rockets up 105-97, Marjanovic stepped up to the line and missed his first free throw.

That got Clippers fans on their feet – as a second missed free throw would mean they would win free chicken as part of a promotion.

Marjanovic, a former Clipper himself, recognized what was going on and began to hype the crowd up by pointing to himself.

Up he stepped for his second free throw – which clanked off the iron for a miss.

Houston’s Boban Marjanovic purposely missed a free throw to win Clippers fans free chicken

Marjanovic pointed to the crowd to indicate that he missed the shot on purpose

Marjanovic pointed to the crowd to indicate that he missed the shot on purpose

As the crowd roared its approval, Marjanovic pointed to the sky – seemingly an admission that he had done it on purpose.

The Rockets broadcast lost their minds, with one of the broadcasters screaming, ‘Ah! He gave them chicken! He’s a man of the people! He gave out free chicken!’

There wasn’t much for the Rockets to play for, outside of avoiding a losing season with a victory – as the team had been long eliminated from the playoffs.

But they did get that win by a score of 116-105 to finish 41-41 this season.

As for the Clippers, they’re the four-seed in the Western Conference playoffs with a 51-31 record. They’ll play the five-seed Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs.

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