How a gastroenterologist and endoscopy can help keep your digestive system healthy

List of specialists in Singapore

Ear Nose Throat Clinics

ENT Specialists (sometimes known as Otolaryngologists), or “Ear Nose and Throat” specialists, help many individuals that are afflicted by issuesin the ear, nose and throat regions. Ear, Nose and Throat specialists also help patients that haveconditions in the head and neck region. For those individuals that are dealing with these issues, it is highly recommended that you seek the diagnosis and medical advice of an otolaryngologist.

Ear diseases can afflict the ear’s exterior, or occur in the middle and even inner ear. Conditions can take place in instances such as sickness, or unintentional trauma. Common symptoms include pain and discomfort, vertigo, hearing loss and persisting balance issues for the person.

ENT-related ailments also include diseases that affect the nose region and its surrounding areas. Sinusitis (also known as sinus infection) is a prevalent disease that affects many Singaporeans. Sinus infections may deter your ability to breathe and smell, as well as can make you look fatigued.

ENT Specialists in the Garden City, Singapore, are trained surgeons. Otolargyngologists perform surgery procedures for the regions in around the structures of the ENT, to provide and correct structural improvements in the required regions or disposing of abnormal growths such as harmful tumours and fibroids. Sometimes, since the ENT areas involve the facial regions to an extent, the procedure may administer improvements to the patient’s appearance as well. One example of a surgical procedure that can achieve both these needs simultaneously is rhinoplasty that can be administered for both cosmetic and medical reasons.

As a point of note, if you are thinking of getting rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons, be prepared for a payment in is around $8000 and beyond, where the difference in the bill entirely depends on the complexity of the requested procedure.

Men and Women’s Specialists

Although not formally labeled as a recognised specialization under Singapore’s MOH, men’s & women’s medical centers are distinctive in the sense that they focus on an extremely unique set of issues. These particular doctors usually are ready to cure you of an assortment of personal diseases and even offer a selection of related screenings as well as examinations that the majority of physicians probably are not acquainted with.  Considering the sensitivity of the contents of the tests, utmost awareness is paid to ensuring discretion and anonymity, in order to guarantee patient privacy.

Typically a physician is going to need to take a blood sample to test for particular types of antibodies in the blood of yours, for instance in the instance of HIV testing. Some trials are immediate and will generate results straight away, while some samples and tests might have to be delivered to a lab for more examining. HIV and STD screening are quite cost-effective in the Garden City, Singapore, costs  generally stay within just a few hundred dollars. Definitely, only a few service or treatment shall be suited to both genders.

For instance, mens health establishments usually present treatments for low testosterone and erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is especially typical in Singapore where we’ve a ageing population. The common option in situations like this one is prescribed oral medicinal drug.. Today, non oral treatment options for erectile dysfunction such as shockwave therapy now exist.

Women’s health clinics cover different services however, and give attention to services along the lines of mammogram assessment, pap smear examinations along with yeast disease treatments. As girls age, it is furthermore essential for them to opt for mammograms to aid scan for signs of breast cancer. Each year mammogram screenings are crucial for middle aged ladies.  Furthermore, pap smear screenings additionally give invaluable help when detecting initial phase female cancer. Your clinical doctor will likely advise that you come for a pap smear exclusively after you’ve through menstruating.


In a world wherein bowel along with gut and bowel related issues are so typical, most men and women will need the expertise of a gut expert or maybe a gastroenterologist that knows how to maintain their conditions. It isn’t easy to be a gastroenterologist. Lots of years of specialized instruction inside of a clinic ‘s wing is called for before you are awarded your accreditation. I’m certain lots of you have learned of endoscopy. This is the method of introducing a scope directly into the person’s gastrointestinal tract to look at it from the inside. Between endoscopy processes, colonoscopy and gastroscopy are most often requested. Every single treatment is unique in its use, enabling the physician to examine a specific portion of the digestive tract, wherever needed.

Colonoscopy is a procedure that provides a multitude of purposes. It not only tests for signs of possible cancer of the colon, but may also aid the gut consultant in analyzing the health of your bowels and colon as well as discovering associated problems. To check out your bowels, a scope is introduced via the patient ‘s anus and from there, lightly guided up the bowels by the attending doctor. Imagery on the inside belonging to the patient’s colon are then simply recorded by way of the small video camera along the tip of the endoscope. These images are then simply shown on the monitoring screen, which the gastroenterologist watches for abnormalities in the colon. Should the doctor recommends you a gastroscopy, it means he would like to examine upper of gastrointestinal tract, like the gullet or the stomach. In a gastroscopy, the scope gets in through the mouth, then carefully directed by the gastroenterologist. The imagery from the microcamera are then simply supplied to the display screen linked, presenting a clear view of the state of the internal walls of the upper digestive tract.

If you should be you are distressed about discomfort, you may relax now. Sedation is available for endoscopy processes. The procedures are typically brief, taking less than an hour. There is absolutely no need for an overnight stay in the hospital you’re receiving endoscopy at. Both gastroscopy and also colonoscopy are medical procedures offered at Andrea Digestive Clinic, which are payable with the help of Medisave as well as health insurance.