How an Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket Can Help You Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of life’s simple pleasures. What’s more is that sleeping well is also vital for brain function, energy metabolism, and good mental health.

Those who struggle to get enough sleep each night experience side effects such as reduced cognitive function, decreased memory and attention span, poor decision making, lack of energy, stress, anxiety, and other serious symptoms, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

One of the best ways to promote healthy sleep is to ensure that the body remains cool while sleeping, and the best way to stay cool while sleeping is by using an Arc-Chill cooling blanket. But what is Arc-Chill technology? And how can it help you sleep better?

This article will explain what Arc-Chill technology is and the health benefits of using an Arc-Chill cooling blanket. But first, let’s examine why it’s so important to stay cool while sleeping.

The Benefits of Staying Cool During Sleep

Sleeping in a cool environment promotes sleep and helps combat restlessness and insomnia, but why is this? The reason keeping cool at night helps with sleep is because your body temperature naturally drops at night during sleep, with the largest drop in the body’s natural temperature rhythm occurring during the REM sleep stage.

Cellular repair and memory consolidation are both vital functions that occur during the deepest stages of sleep, but if the body is too hot, the sleep cycle can be disrupted so that the deeper sleep stages, such as REM, cannot be reached; this can result in decreased work, school, and social performance the next day.

Some other benefits of staying cool while you sleep include:

1. Cooler Temperatures Promote Melatonin Production

Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland of the brain that tells your body and mind when it is time to sleep. When you are tired, your body produces melatonin, but when you can’t sleep, there is a lack of Melatonin being produced.

Those who struggle to get a good nights’ sleep often resort to buying Melatonin supplements, but it’s not necessary; the best way to increase Melatonin production when you want to sleep is to use an Arc-Chill cooling blanket which will lower your core body temperature signaling your brain to generate Melatonin.

2. Cooler Temperatures Stimulate Human Growth Hormone Production

Human Growth Hormone, or HGH., is another hormone produced in the brain; HGH is released in the pituitary gland during the deep stages of sleep to aid with cellular repair and combat cognitive decline.

In other words, for your body to repair itself each night, it requires HGH, which is only produced in deep sleep stages that you can’t reach if your core body temperature is too hot.

Fortunately, an Arc-Chill cooling blanket can help reduce your core temperature triggering your body to enter the deeper sleep stages and produce HGH.

3. Sleeping in a Cool Environment Helps Prevent the Signs of Aging

As people age, their skin begins to show signs of wear. Wrinkles, abrasions, frown lines, and other blemishes are all the result of natural aging processes, but did you know that sleeping at a cooler temperature can delay the onset of age-related skin deterioration?

It’s true. Sleeping when you’re too hot causes your brain to produce Cortisol which is the “stress hormone” responsible for skin aging. By sleeping with an Arc-Chill cooling blanket, you can stay cool throughout the night, lowering your cortisol levels and delaying the signs of aging.

What is Arc-Chill Technology?

Arc-Chill is an innovative, state-of-the-art textile that utilizes Jade nano-particles in tandem with conductive cross-section polyester fibers to produce a revolutionary cooling effect.

Anyone who has ever touched an Arc-Chill cooling blanket will agree that this technology is indeed going to change the way people sleep in the future.

But how does it actually work?

How Does an Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket Work?

The idea is simple: Jade is broken down into particle form with the aid of a nano-technology. Those jade particles are then embedded in the polyester fibers and woven into the cloth textile used in the construction of the cooling blanket.

Understanding Q-Max Levels

Arc-Chill products are categorized based on their Q-Max levels. For those who aren’t aware, Q-Max is the unit of measure used to determine the thermal sensation associated with touching an object.

A Higher Q-Max level means that the textile can disperse body heat more rapidly. In other words, textiles with the highest Q-Max level can cool you off the quickest.

There are 5 Q-Max Levels used to measure Arc-Chill Cooling products, but even a product with a Q-Max rating of 1 that uses the new Jade technology will still keep you cool and will still be airy, light, and breathable.

It’s helpful to think of Q-Max levels as a system that rates Arc-Chill products on a scale that ranges from amazing to wow!

Using Arc-Chill Products is Good for The Environment

Using an air-conditioner to cool off while sleeping used to be necessary, but we all know how bad air-conditioners are for the environment; they damage the ozone layer and pollute the atmosphere.

The new Arc-Chill textiles not only save you from needing to run your AC while you sleep but the fabric is also sourced and manufactured ethically and sustainably, meaning that you can feel good knowing that you’re doing your part to help the environment while you sleep.


Without a doubt, an Arc-Chill cooling blanket is the best blanket for summer, and it’s one of those little luxury home items that you just fall in love with. By using an Arc-Chill cooling blanket, you can enjoy all the benefits associated with getting proper rest and rejuvenation each night.

At the end of the day, you deserve to sleep your best, so try an Arc-Chill cooling blanket today. Check the Elegear arc-chill cooling blanket for you. You can also check the Elegear store to see more arc-chill cooling products.