How Animated Videos Can Boost Your Advertising Efforts

Including an animated promo video in your marketing plan is always smart: explainer-video.

By leveraging the resources and channels your market is ready to interact with, you can use them to draw in potential leads, engage and amuse them, increase brand recognition, and clearly communicate your marketing message.

How animated videos can influence your marketing strategy

Your content marketing plan can assist your company in the ways listed below when it is created properly, with a specific objective in mind, and if it includes video content.

Videos are popular. Videos continue to dominate internet content consumption even in 2023. You have a good possibility that people will watch your marketing videos as this is the most attractive content by default.

Videos with animation can be reused. Your animated films may be utilized across several channels after being created just once. It will increase interaction and help to raise brand exposure and recognition.

Engagement is promised when using videos for marketing. An animation marketing video is stunning, moving, understandable, and interesting when done well. Some promotional cartoons have a strong chance of going viral, which increases engagement and ROI.

There is no limit to how creative one can be with video marketing methods. The production of video advertisements is given many imaginative and lucrative options by marketing animation.

You may, for instance, produce an explainer video to demonstrate how your service or product works, a corporate film to focus on your brand and its values, a quick promo to increase brand awareness, and many other things.

Effective videos attract and convert potential customers. Statistics show that publishing animated commercials on a landing page increases conversion rates by 80%. A high-quality animated video can also guarantee a significant return on investment based on the distribution method.

Videos with animation can increase brand awareness. Users in the modern day have come to expect businesses to provide interesting video content, and they’re accustomed to this kind of communication.

In this regard, creating marketing videos gives you the chance to strengthen your brand’s recognition across all channels of communication, assist people to form the right associations with it, and help them form an emotional response.

Organic placement of animated video content in your ad campaign

Although they are very efficient marketing tools, animated videos for businesses are not a panacea. You should stick to a defined plan if you want to reap the benefits of your marketing animations.

There are many various kinds of animation you may use, and each one has a certain purpose. Videos that highlight and describe how your organization or service operates are commonly implemented in corporate and explainer videos.

You should choose the level of the sales to funnel that the marketing animation video will be utilized based on your objectives. This phase is crucial for attracting the appropriate consumers at the appropriate time and smoothly guiding them to the sales funnel’s bottom.

Moving from the top of the funnel toward the bottom lengthens the consumers’ attention span and willingness to perceive.

Short videos are frequently used throughout the awareness stage, followed by medium-length ones at the contemplation stage, and long videos, which are most appropriate for the loyalty stage.

The distribution approach you intend to follow affects the duration of your video as well. Lengthier films for social media and your website are OK, but using them in e-mail is not appropriate.

Promote your video after you’ve posted it, then monitor the results. Animated videos are often made for a particular marketing channel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t promote them through other media.

Track the number of views and shares, the lead generation and conversion rates, and the number of comments.