How can animated marketing videos help in making a brand identity?

Brand identity is the most crucial aspect of a business that is highly dependent upon how the audience perceives you’re your brand. That is why companies are continuously striving to create their niche in the market and make an impression on the minds of the audience that is positive, creative, and unique.

With the advancement of the digital world, everything has become connected to everything else making it difficult for businesses to stand stiff in the raging sea of audience. To succeed as a renowned business in the digital realm, you need to truly commit and establish a unique personality for your company.

Simply put, businesses need to establish a personal brand or a relatable personality that can resonate with their audience.

Being empathetic toward the problems of the audience, showing that you care and have what it takes to solve them can make your audience trust your brand. Showing the world your unique personality helps you stand out from the audience.

There are many ways in which you can achieve this.

Various types of online content can help you successfully make a connection with your audience, but there is one that can help you build a brand like no other. Animation marketing videos provide a business with many advantages.

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They are engaging, entertaining, compelling, and visual. However, one of the biggest advantages of having a marketing video is that it can be customized with your characters, backgrounds, and color palette.

With all the amazing elements combined with a great story, it can communicate with your audience, associate with them on an emotional level, and create a strong bond between them and your brand.

In other words, an animated video can help build a personal brand and convey your story to your potential clients in a fun and engaging way. Without further ado, let’s discuss how animation video marketing can enhance your brand identity.

Create a brand persona

To make a successful brand marketing strategy, especially an explainer video, a business needs to know its target audience and then create a brand persona—a detailed representation of your audience— with the analytics you have about your audience.

Collect the demographic data on your visitors, e-mail subscribers, and social media followers. Knowing their key interests can help you in knowing your audience better. You need to determine:

  • The age and gender of your potential customers
  • What places and websites do they usually visit
  • Their favorite brand
  • Their language and field of work

The result of the character that you build up or the buyer persona will have a name, a suitable age, a background, and a job that will resemble your audience. Once you have the best buyers’ persona or the model character, you will be able to set a tone for your video that reflects your audience.

Having insight into your audience’s key interests can spur immediate identification and trust in your brand.

Other than that, having custom characters in your explainer video can add a powerful human touch to the message and bring out emotions that remain attached to your brand for a long time.

Choose a suitable color and brand style

Colors have a strong impact on the psychology of people which is why it is a great branding element that can’t be overlooked.

Integrating your brand color on your website, product, landing pages, and social networks can help you boost your brand image, and applying them to your animated video has an even more significant branding impact.

Colors make a difference in how your audience perceives your story. Whether it is a feisty red, playful orange, a healthy green, or a lively yellow, your brand color should be a fundamental compromise in your animated video.

Choosing the right type of animated video

There are many different styles and types of animated videos used for marketing and many of them—such as whiteboard animated videos, cartoons, 2D and 3D animation videos, and motion graphics, use characters in them.

Characters in animations help in making the personal brand making it easier to communicate the brand message to the audience without hiring an actor or filmmaker.

However, choosing the correct type of video can sometimes be overwhelming.

Many industries and businesses prefer whiteboard animation video production for marketing because of their simplicity. Nevertheless, companies are using other types of animation as well. Some of the most commonly used styles of explainer videos are:

2D character animation: This style of video is used for its characters and scenes created in the 2D space using perspective to recreate the illusion of depth. It is commonly used by B2B or B2C companies since it is emotion-evoking and appeals directly to the audience.  

Whiteboard animation videos: This style of video dives a little deeper to explain the product, service, and process explanations. It consists of simple white and black images illustrated on a whiteboard to explain the concept to the audience.

In simple words, whiteboard animation video production is mostly preferred by businesses because it tends to explain even the most complex ideas and concepts to the audience with ease.

3D animations: With its endless possibilities, 3D animation is mostly used for commercials because of its high quality and state-of-the-art that can make your brand noticed in an instant.

Typography: It uses animated typographic fonts to express an idea. Using proper font and video format to underline the video’s message, can make the message stick in your audience’s memory.

Using a suitable color and movement paired with the proper music and voiceover can have an unexpected rhythm that can engage your audience to see the video until the end.

Make it social

Having a video is not enough if you want to connect with your audience.

To get the word out there, you need to have a perfect social marketing strategy apart from crafting an animated video. The fact is that online video is the most thriving and cost-effective content on social media.

Keeping in mind all the benefits of having an animated video, it is high time for businesses and marketers to invest in the video marketing strategy in their social media campaigns. The fundamentals of having a successful social media strategy are

Being constant: answering the questions of the audience, clearing their doubts, and supplying them with useful advice along with keeping your responses about your brand can help to communicate with your audience effectively.

Being coherent: make sure to be methodological when crafting your video. Your video should be able to convey a similar message through all platforms where you post your videos so you can appear as a unique brand.

Keep your videos short: having short and engaging videos is simple, easy to understand, and more effective than having a long 2-minute According to research, 85% of average users watched a complete video of 30 seconds whereas only 50% of them watched a two-minute long video.

Be yourself

Building trust with your potential clients be a tedious task, but portraying your true self can be effective. Be authentic, honest, and unique if you want to stand out and your audience will respond.

All in all, a great animated video that builds brand awareness among your audience is capable of taking your industry to the next level. Take your time to create an exceptional video and get the attention you need to be successful.