How can you avoid trap and bad deal during home buying?

Buying a living space within your budget will be everyone’s motive. Others might go for financing options. Here, they are the people who are going to fall into a trap and bad deal during their dream home buying. It will happen due to the loan amount approved for a residential project, and you have to select that one instead of many other ready to occupy that homes are present in a strategic location.

Here, we have suggested some foremost things that a residential property buyer must check online and on a personal visit to

Proposed Residential Plot is Approved or Not

Smart homebuyers book online when premium and the top real estate companies announce high-end residential projects. The investors and homebuyers blindly book, looking at the video graphic demo that looks much natural.

It will be a wonder if you check the proposed site. Such places might not be approved for residential building construction. Yet, the real estate company might have moved the papers for getting approval.

The real estate company collects initial booking payments and part payments or full payments of such properties or homes by the time. It will help you personally go to the local body and check that plot is in whose name and who owned it previously.

Proposed Height of the Residential Flat

Today, the demand for high-rise flats is more for homebuyers and investors in the real estate market. Many of them try to get the top floors and penthouse present on them. Yet, some builders construct high-rise buildings at the permitted level in that area. In such a case, your residential home in the above-permitted height is not valid.

The local authority will demolish it any time. In this case, you cannot file a lawsuit against the builder. It is your ignorance that you have not checked the approved limits of floors in that area.

The builders usually start to build high-rises by moving their papers for permission. Sometimes, it will be approved. Yet, if not approved, the homebuyers who have booked above the limit are in a trap and financial losses.

You can avoid such bad deals if you can check with the residential high-rise number floors present nearby and with the local body. These are bad deals where you have to vacate from your floor, and the local body will send a legal notice for evacuating your home.

Hidden Charges

The homebuyers blindly sign a contract with a builder without reading the full terms, conditions, payment, and refund policy. It will be better to take your own time such that you can read the promotional brochure and its terms can conditions.

The hidden cost will be on any additional cost that you have to bear from your pocket to stay in that home. These are like what they say free maintenance charges and any other facilities and amenities, if any. After reading thoroughly, you have to discuss them and get them cleared if you find any hidden charges. If it is a financial burden, you can avoid such home buying deals.

Buying a Residential Property on Offers

There will be some glitches if a new residential project is selling that their quoted offer price before. Here, it is advisable to verify with the property owners, who are already residing there. It will be better to check if there are legal issues with the builder, the plot, and any collateral attached to the residential project site.

Sometimes, a builder might use low-cost construction materials and accessories and will quote a higher price. In this case, homebuyers who visit the site might ignore such living spaces. As no booking is taking place, they are giving a lot of offers and discounts.


A homebuyer might select a location for many reasons. It is advisable to check the property site and the surrounding plots to better understand that location. Online research and physical field works are necessary to know the reality.

A builder might trap you where a proposed road, airport, or industrial construction is going to come in the future. You might sign a bad deal if your residential area does not come under basic civic facilities like drainage, electricity, water, gas, and access to main roads.

It will be annoying you to wait until the local civic body approves these facilities later on. Here, you are in the trap of bad sales happening in the real estate industry.