How Can You Check Lottery Results On Your Phone?

Awaiting your lottery results is the best kind of thrill a Lotto lore can experience. But what if there was a specific app that lets you check the lottery results on your phone? Wouldn’t that ignite your excitement as well as deliver you the right news at the right time?

So if you are wondering which websites are those, here’s a list of all the apps that enable you to check lottery results besides your main lottery sites.

App 1: Lotteryhub: The powerful lottery

Lottery result day is the most exciting day of all. It is when the lottery enthusiasts get to know their fate. So when this crucial day arrives, lottery enthusiasts can turn to the Lotteryhub, a powerful lottery result announcement app that can provide you with your lottery results without crashing or conking out.

This app is readily available on app stores; and runs smoothly on both android and ios platforms. Checking results here is easy and fast, on top of it, this app also offers reminders and announcements for your upcoming lotteries.

The app is known to have a wide variety of features that makes it likable and audience-friendly, these features are:

  • Simple navigation set up with a wonderful website layout.
  • The app is multilingual, with around 14 languages in store. This availability of different languages makes it a global choice.
  • The app offers all kinds of notification alerts, be it about an upcoming lottery or announcement of results. Users can also customize the notifications and choose to receive a specific type of notification such as ‘you have won the lottery notification’.
  • Moreover, these notification settings can be altered depending on your notification preferences. In this way, you would not be spammed by multiple notifications at a time.
  • This lottery result app provides live updates on important lottery content.
  • Moreover, the app has a blog section that can interest all the lottery enthusiasts out there.
  • The blog section of this app gives out all the personal details of the lottery industry as well as provides tips on how to safely place your wagers.
  • It also displays all jackpot-related information at your fingertips.
  • It is known to track results easily with its fast servers.

App 2: Clever Lotto Light

Clever Lotto Light has emerged as the most trustworthy and applauded lottery result checking app. The reason for its popularity is that it holds the key to both lottery worlds: online or offline. This is a German lottery app that offers the following features:

  • It reports the users with their winnings, expenses, and overall participation fees. This way users can resolve their budget issues by matching their costs against their winnings.
  • Gives you trustworthy insights into your lottery numbers. The application algorithm can quickly filter your records and can also tell you about your past wins.
  • You can use this app even for the tickets you purchased from your local lottery shops.
  • This app saves the information about your ticket in its database, which serves as a backup when you lose your tickets.
  • You can even create lottery syndicates here or simply integrate your tickets online.
  • This app is exclusively ad-free and shows no kind of pop-ups.

App 3: National Lottery Results

Supposedly, the best app for checking out your lottery results because the app is known to generate lucky numbers based on recent winnings. The customized ticket number generation is what makes this app stand out from the rest.

Apart from that, the app is known to project a bunch of features like:

  • This app supports the most significant jackpots and lottery brands like:
    • EuroMillions HotPicks
    • Lottoland
    • Set For Life
    • EuroMillions, the one that features European Millionaire Maker
    • Lotto HotPicks
    • Thunderball
  • Additionally, the app extends a QR scanning facility that lets you check the lottery results on your phone. If you have purchased lottery tickets from your local shops, you can simply scan the code, and all its information will be stored in the app.
  • However, if you bought off tickets from an online lottery platform, then you can enter your ticket numbers and save your ticket’s information.
  • This app has a ticket checker feature that enables users to check their progress in the game based on their previous tickets.
  • The ticket checker can provide insights on how much you win or lose; and highlight the tickets you won and provide you with the total amount you spent on tickets.


All in all, the day of lottery results is the day that hypes up the lottery players and the website. Therefore, lottery players need a full-fledged result declaration app that displays lottery results with a single click. These lottery result apps tend to make your result day navigation easier, faster, and simpler.

But waiting around in anticipation could be infuriating; that is why turning to lottery checking apps is what soothes your anticipation and delivers you with your much-awaited lottery result.