How can you get discounts on dumpster rentals?

Studies suggest that almost everyone has to use a dumpster once in their lifetime. Renting a dumpster is the easiest way to dispose of your garbage. Well, there are certain ways to avail a discount on the billed amount. Read this article to find the secrets that will help lower your dumpster rentals. You will surely be able to find the best price and make the most of the deal. Hence, without wasting much time, let’s get started.

What is the working procedure of a dumpster broker?

The following section will show the operating mechanism of a dumpster broker. Knowing this is important. If you have a clear picture of how things proceed, then it will be easier for you to learn a few tips and hacks. Here is how it goes:

  • A client or a customer contacts a broker for a booking. This can be done either personally, over calls or it may be a service request from a website.
  • After the agent gets a requirement, he/she then start contacting local contractors to pitch a profitable deal.
  • When the deal is finalized, the broker asks the contractors to drop a dumpster or a container at the client’s location. Meanwhile, he pays the charges to them and gives the client another rate that is increased by a minimum of 10%. The percentage may vary as per the mood of the broker as there is no fixed rate of charge.

The above points are enough to open your eyes. In this way, every broker that you hire for a dumpster renting is charging you additionally. Some of you might claim that they do not go for a broker; instead, they take help of the internet. Well, in that case, the situation remains the same.

Decoding the Internet Myth

Whenever you type anything in the search box, a page with relevant results pops up. If you closely observe that page, you would see that the top results have a label with them. These labels show something like this- ‘Ad.’ However, the two-lettered word is purposely written in a smaller font which is only visible to those with the vision of an eagle. Consequently, most of the readers overlook that small exclamation and tend to click on that add. The moment any of you click on that hidden advertisement, it takes you their service page. If it matches with your expectations, you are sure to book your rental appointment with them. Here, that particular search-engine acts as the broker. The phenomenon of placing a particular website at the top of SERP is a strategy of PPC (pay per click.) In other words, the company has to pay an extra sum for showing it at the top of the search results. There is no doubt about the efficiency of those companies. But they are entitled to pay an extra sum for the same. This overhead expense gets added to the gross rental charges if you book their service.

Top 4 ways to cut down dumpster rental charges

In today’s world, it is important to act smart. Hence, learn the top four ways to reduce the gross amount of a dumpster rental service. It is time to become a smart consumer along with being a responsible one. Get ready to learn something new. Here we go.

  1. Choose a local company

The big companies tend to charge more because of the brand value. As mentioned earlier, renting a dumpster via a broker is also not a good choice. You have to find a local contractor and avoid the interference of a middleman. This will automatically reduce your budget.

  1. Deep Analysis

Comparison and analysis are the keys to a budget-friendly deal. Compare the quotes of at least 2-3 rental services, before finalizing a deal. Usually, clients pitch in with the quote given by the contractor they have contacted. In order to save time, they avoid cross-verification and comparison. If you invest a little more time, you are sure to get a more profitable deal. However, while deciding on a company, certain factors come into play. For instance, let’s analyze a situation. There is one company that gives you a deal of renting a 5-yard dumpster that can hold a total weight of one ton at a rate of $100 for a week. The second deal lets you hire a 5-yard dumpster which can hold a total weight of two tons at the rate of $150 for a week. While some of you might quickly accept the first deal, the smarter clients will choose the second deal. It is simply because, even though in the second deal the budget is a bit high, the overall weight capacity is more. In that case, you are paying $50 extra for one ton. Hence, the analysis is required.

  1. Early release of the rented dumpster

This trick is very effective and not many clients are aware of it too. If you have booked a dumpster for a particular time frame or period, you have to pay a fixed amount. During peak seasons, if you return the rented container a little earlier than the expected date, that might fetch you some discount. Also, you can adjust the rental period and reduce the price if you choose a shorter period. You may get lucky if your contractor is willing to co-operate.

  1. Share your dumpster

Your neighbor or friends may be interested in disposing of some materials or objects. Hence, why not let them share your dumpster and share the gross charge proportionately. Also, if you order more than one bins at one time, you might get a discount. Usually, when anyone opts for more than one container, the charge of the two bins together is lesser than booking two bins individually. This again is a smart move.

Hopefully, you will be able to get some discounts, next time when you have to hire a dumpster rental. If you stay in and around Portland, Maine you can visit for best results.