How CBD e-liquid is made?

While there is a lot of conflicting information about vaping, it cannot be denied that its popularity has grown dramatically over the past few years. Vaping liquids should be chosen based on personal preference as well as the vape you are using. It all depends on the ratio of glycerin and propylene glycol – it will directly affect the volume of steam and “throat hit”, as well as on the strength and tightening force.

CBD e-liquid for vape: what is it and what is it made from?

The basis for such e-liquids is plant components – glycerin and propylene glycol. And for the desired effect, high-quality cannabis oil or an isolate – an extract with a high CBD content – is responsible. In addition, for the pleasure of consumers, such a liquid is also flavored with some substance in order to give it a fruity, mint or berry smell.

To make CBD e-liquid, usually mix Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), and CBD concentrate which is generally in the form of CBD Crystals. Apart from these 3 elements, usually is added the water-soluble and lipid-free food aroma.

Making e-liquid on your own is increasingly a rapidly developing hobby among many vapers who achieve to make it as good as any store-bought e-liquid, but at a less expensive price and with complete control over the ingredients.

Making e-liquid on your own

So, how CBD e-liquid is made? When we talk about CBD liquid we mean a solution that contains:

Propylene Glycol (PG): This is the main component of an e-liquid and responsible for giving the so-called “throat hit” when vaping. It is considered a safe product and used as a flavoring element in beverages and food.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG): This component of an e-liquid is used as its base for the production of dense vapor, since without glycerin, from a practical point of view, vapor could not be generated. This substance is also scientifically recognized as safe for human consumption.

CBD isolate or crystals: CBD crystals are the purest form of CBD available today, it is an extraction made from cannabidiol. They have a concentration of between 98-100% purity level, which means that they do not contain THC.

Aromas: This component will determine the final flavor of the e-liquid, there are thousands of extracts of aromas or flavors to choose from, which can be combined to create unique flavors of the consumer’s choice. Make sure that the aroma you choose is soluble in water and that it does not contain lipids, oils, or fats.

Mixing the ingredients

Make sure to sterilize the table or other surface that you will be working on. Don’t forget the gloves. Have on hand all the ingredients and utensils that you are going to use throughout the process.

Mix the Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin at 50%. Generally, in a CBD liquid, this is the appropriate proportion if you are going to vape it with a low-power electronic cigarette and closed puff.

To this mixture, add the CBD Crystals and an aroma of your choice.


It is essential to vigorously shake all the components of the e-liquid to achieve a homogeneous mixture. For a good dissolution, it is recommended to leave the mixture stirring for about 6 hours in a magnetic stirrer, since it does not require effort and in this way an appropriate e-liquid will be guaranteed, letting it rest for a while before starting to vape.

You can also warm the mixture slightly in a water bath. Heating water and putting the bottle in the hot water without completely covering it. The goal is to make the liquid look clear and there are no traces of crystals.