How Consumer Reports Can Help You Make the Most of Your Car Investment

Do you ever wonder how people get the best deals in buying a car for sales Brisbane offers today? Some say it’s because of thorough research. Others consult with experts. To understand how consumers look for reliable and competitive cars, let’s see what researchers found about how most individuals shop.

Online research

According to statistics, almost 60% of consumers check cars they like online. Through this process, they see the features, designs, and specifications of a car for sales Brisbane has today. This also helps to see reviews of previous customers on the performance of the dealer and the quality of the cars.

Walk-in shopping is still a trend

Despite the age of technology, approximately 60% of new car buyers prefer going to shops to see the stocks themselves. For cheap used cars for sale Brisbane experts recommend, however, more than 50% of all consumers visit shops. This works effectively to assess the cars thoroughly.

Consumers spend more time researching car prices

Statistics reported the top five most common activities in shopping cars. Researching car prices prevailed with a total of 70% consumers. The next four activities include looking for a car for sales Brisbane dealers promote, comparing car models, finding the worth of a current car, and locating a reliable dealer.

A test drive is a must

Over 80% of consumers believe that test driving is important to find the best car deals. They prefer driving cars for themselves to assess if their driving style and preferences match the features offered by the car.

In testing a car for sale Brisbane has in store this 2020, do not focus on the design of the car. It’s better to feel the ignition, suspension, and brakes for your safety. Ask guidance from experts on the proper way to test drive a car so you can spot red flags and malfunctions in the motor.

Search listings on social media platforms

Researchers have found that 20% of all consumers look for a featured car for sale in Brisbane residents recommend on social media. The top sites they use include Facebook, YouTube, and DealerRater. All of which are effective to look for promotions and sales.

Millennials spend more time on the buying process

Car representatives have to be more patient in handling millennials than baby boomers when dealing. On average, baby boomers take around 15 weeks to decide on a car. Millennials, on the other hand, spend more than 16 weeks.

Statistics also found that millennials spend more time in the actual buying process. The average time it takes for them to actually seal the deal is four to five hours. This works well to negotiate the terms and conditions of the car. Don’t blame them, they have the knack to make the most of their investments.

From these facts, you can pick up a trick or two when choosing the perfect car for you. Don’t be in a rush to find one. Exhaust your resources and gather as much data on your choices. If you need help with a car you like, visit and let the experts guide you patiently in finding the best deals.