How did the Spanish become the country with the strongest club soccer?

According to the International Football Federation, Spanish La Liga is now the leader in club tournaments. The most expensive players play here, the clubs have a lot of awards, and the sports broadcasting of matches is insanely expensive.

La Liga score is the most frequent request in the world of soccer, and it definitely indicates the popularity of the competition.

How did the Spanish championship evolve?

Unlike the cold Nordic countries, where soccer was born with the sound of industrial machines and assembly lines, in Spain it was accompanied by the cries of the beach gulls and the sound of the surf. La Liga, founded in 1929, already had a fairly large selection of clubs.

At that time there were Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Barcelona, and Real Sociedad. All of these clubs are still in the tournament today. The game of Spanish soccer in those days was very emotional and expressive but without the English rudeness.

It must be admitted that in La Liga there has never been a big score because there has always been an emphasis on the technicality of the players, but not on their physical endurance.

As it turned out, the calculation was correct, and now the championship can boast such achievements in club competitions:

  • 19 Champions League wins;
  • 13 in the Europa League;
  • 16 Super Cups;
  • 7 Club World Championships.

Naturally, today the most titled Spanish club is Real Madrid, with 35 victories in the Spanish championship.

What problems does La Liga have to contend with?

In sunny Spain, everything is not so cloudless. Recently there has been an exodus of spectators from the championship. This is partly due to the fact that both the stars of modern soccer – Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, left the championship.

Those of the fans who used to follow La Liga solely because of them have ceased to be interested in the competition.

Another reason is the problem with today score. Many complain that soccer in Spain has ceased to be spectacular and exciting. The quality of the game has reached such heights that players hardly ever score goals. Teams are cautious.

And who likes to watch the 22 millionaires sluggishly rolling the ball across the field, not taking active action?

More and more often one hears about the confrontation between the Spanish and English soccer schools. Recently there has been progressing. New young and hot players have entered the tournament.

They constantly attack the opponent and want to score more and more goals. Some of them come from South America, which has an excellent soccer school. Today the scores have started to increase and the games are no longer boring and boring.

So fans can hope for exciting and interesting soccer.