How do I find business e-mails?

There are times in the sales cycle of a company that the only thing you can do is cold outreach. There is a tiny issue – the fact that email addresses aren’t readily available and are quite tricky to stumble upon. However, we are going to show you exactly how you can find the email of the business of your choosing.

The Key to Cold Outreach

When you start out, the options are very limited. Your efforts need to be focused on outbound reach, at least until you stabilize and build a name for yourself. For certain businesses, you might end have to stick to outbound. Let us say you need feedback on a new landing page, or you are trying to get introduced to a certain business that could become lucrative. Or maybe you are simply trying to land a sales call. If nobody is visiting your website, or they just are not interacting with you, then you need to take action. You will need to get out there and establish that communication line yourself.

Email Addresses Remain Private

Email addresses are unsurprisingly kept private. You will voluntarily offer your business email address during a meeting, but other than that, you will keep it as private as possible.

And there is strong reasoning behind that:

We all have thousands of emails in our inbox already; nobody wants to receive any other emails involuntarily.

Spam has been and will always remain an issue. It does not matter how secretive you are with your address – you are still going to receive spam.

And for the reasons stated above, you cannot really blame individuals for not wanting to share their email address – be it private or corporate. Fortunately, there are ways around this. We will showcase two tools that are instrumental in obtaining corporate and business email addresses in a matter of minutes.

Info Collection

It does not really matter how you were introduced to a certain prospect, but most of the time, you will have the contact details required. Even if you do not have the full info, you can still find out the email address using their name.

We will be using a random example so that nobody can get upset with the information sharing.

What we need

  • Their full name
  • The company’s website domain

And what can we do with this information? We will head over to LinkedIn. It is just that easy.

Let us go with a generic name. Jack Black. We will assume there isn’t a famous actor with the same name. And this name is all we got. We must figure out where our Jack Black is working at and figure out the domain afterwards.

Important tip: We do not want Jack Black to know that we have visited the profile right before actually sending him an email. Follow these simple steps prior to accessing their profile.

Access your account Settings and Privacy by clicking the account icon located on the top right

Access the Privacy Tab

Find the Profile Viewing Options and access the Change tab located on the right side

Enable Private Mode for browsing.

After following the above steps, you will be in ghost mode, and the target will not suspect a single thing. Once on LinkedIn, we can perform a search and easily identify the person’s account and, therefore, their employer. With the employer’s name, we perform a simple Google search and figure out the domain registered for the aforementioned company. Now that we have all the information required, we can move onto phase two. SignalHire valid email finder can also be an option well worth considering.

Finding the Correct Email

You may think that the information we have gathered so far will not be sufficient. However, when coupled with a powerful lead finder tool such as Voila Norbert, miracles tend to happen.

We only have to encounter a dozen emails – and it is going to be free. After you sign up, you will go ahead and simply enter the name and the domain of the individual. And just like that, their email address will be generated automatically. In order to get a glimpse into the way company syntax email are built, we suggest reading the systems’ administrator interview questions by following the link.

The example above is an isolated case that we used to showcase the procedure to obtain an email address. This can be done at scale without any issues. You will need to obtain the data on your own, just like we have explained in the above example. The best way about it is to create a spreadsheet that contains the “Name” and the “Company Domain”. After the spreadsheet is compiled, all we need to do is upload it to Norbert, and in return, we will be provided with a processed file that will contain the email addresses of all the people requested.

Once you are equipped with the list, you can simply use a tool (Mixmax or Mailshake, just to name a few) that will perform the cold outreach automatically.

Give it a Try

You cannot expect to receive the perfect match between the name and the company domain. Even Norbert cannot always provide you with matching emails. Plus, sometimes, the email addresses provided can be inaccurate and will eventually lead to bounces.

It’s not a foolproof method, it has its flaws. However, it’s very simple, quick, and it comes at no additional costs. If you choose to perform it at scale, some costs will appear. Figuring out a successful email strategy will easily offset the required funds and could lead to gaining plenty of contacts.

Try it out manually without any investment at first and scale up based on initial results.