How Do I Get My Toilet To Flush Stronger?

Your toilet may be the most unattended thing in your house. Most people don’t spend that much time choosing a toilet. Even if the toilet has a plain design, customers will still take it as long as it functions. That’s kind of wrong somehow since there are advantages when you know the right toilet stand to buy and stay away from. Some toilet stands will let you lose a large quantity of money in the long run. Some toilets can also give you skin infections, urinary tract infections, and will ruin the air quality of your bathroom if you don’t choose wisely.

If you want to choose the correct toilet stand and avoid these things from happening, then you could try searching for some recommended list of flushing toilets, or you can just simply make your flush stronger. Yes, you heard me right, having a stronger flush lets you save money and can prevent skin infection, urinary tract infection, and could give your bathroom good air quality.

Advantages of Having a Stronger Flush:

Prevent Skin Infection

A stronger flushing toilet has some unique features, such as an open flush rim that eliminates more waste per flush, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. These things pose a threat to the skin’s health, which is why having a stronger flush will lower the build-up potential of harmful microbes.

Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

When we use the bathroom, a person’s sex organs will be exposed to harmful microbes. Having a weak flush will let these harmful microbes stay on the toilet and have a high chance of entering the urethra. Women have a higher risk of getting UTIs than men because of the way they urinate. That is why it is important to have a clean and microbe-free toilet.

Lower The Risk Of Viral Transmission

When you have a weak flush, the tiny droplets known as aerosol will get shoved into the air, which carries different microorganisms and viruses, including various kinds of pathogenic viruses. Having a stronger flush will prevent this from happening and will produce good air quality.

Save Money

Having modern-day flushing technology allows you to conserve a large amount of water without worrying about the toilet’s flush power. These stronger flushes will enable you to save around $100 annually on your water and sewage bill.

How to make stronger flushes?

Clog Check

If your toilet is partially clogged, then it will affect its flushing performance. You must check your clogs because sometimes there will be a small clog that will form in a toilet’s waste pipes. The water can still flow through the pipes, but the water flush is weakened due to the clog. That struggle will affect the water pressure and strength of the flush.

Modify The Water Level

You can adjust your tank’s water level, which will then increase the strength of your flush. Open the tank and look for that tube that is in charge of refilling the water. If the tube will stop adding water right before the float reaches the line, then this means that you will have a weak flush. You have to adjust the float to allow stronger flushes and faster refill time.

Adjust The Toilet Flapper

You must adjust the toilet flapper to rise higher to allow a lot of water to rush down, and the pressure would be intense, creating a strong flush. The flapper must not close too quickly to allow a large amount of water to flow. If the flapper closes too soon, the tank will not be empty, which means only a small amount of water will be used to flush.

Clean Your Rims

Some things can clog up your jets that will make it hard for the water to flow. The pressure that should go into your flush will get wasted, resulting in a weaker flush. Cleaning it at least twice a month would be enough to maintain a strong flush.