How Do Testosterone Boosters Work To Increase Testosterone Production?

When your body does not produce adequate testosterone, it is said to have a condition known as hypogonadism. According to experts, the recommended method to increase testosterone levels is through testosterone replacement therapy.

Up until 2016, there was no proof that artificial testosterone boosters or supplements could work as part of testosterone replacement therapy. Though in this case, the results were inconclusive as they were not using participants with hypogonadism.

We will tackle how testosterone boosters work to boost testosterone in the body, the kinds of boosters available, and the effects of using them, both positive and negative, in this article. Read further to learn more.

Why is Testosterone Needed in The Body?

The primary sex hormones in our bodies comprise testosterone and estrogen. Unlike popular belief, both men and women produce estrogen and testosterone. Men, however, have more testosterone, while women produce more estrogen.

As boys mature, testosterone levels increase. Testosterone facilitates increased facial and body hair, maturity of the sex organs, growth in the muscles, deepening of the voice, and production of sperm.

Additionally, testosterone levels may alter as the day goes by, with high levels being in the morning. Also, throughout one’s lifespan, its levels will vary as well and drop every ten years.

Testosterone is also vital to the body for an increased sex drive. Less testosterone means that you may have less interest in having sex and a decrease in the number of firm erections. Hence, sometimes you may require the use of testosterone boosters.

Which Types of Testosterone Boosting Supplements Are There?

Testosterone boosters can be both naturally and artificially made. As mentioned earlier, replacing the testosterone that the body is incapable of producing on its own is known as testosterone replacement therapy.

However, experts advise patients to partake in treatment by natural means.

The kinds of TRT that mainly involve artificial means, for instance, testosterone boosters could be;

  • Injected testosterone
  • Transdermal
  • Testosterone capsules


DHEA is a common ingredient in testosterone-boosting supplements due to its effects on the body. DHEA is a precursor hormone made in the adrenal glands and can later convert into testosterone or estrogen.

D-aspartic acid

This amino acid produced in the body creates and releases several hormones, with testosterone being one of them. Testosterone-boosting supplements have to have ingredients of chemicals that the body can naturally produce.

Do Testosterone Supplements Have Side Effects?

Testosterone supplements, just like any other supplements, have side effects. In fact, in some cases, if not careful, they could cause more harm than good in the body.

Additionally, it may have side effects because the body not producing enough testosterone is a natural occurrence. The body could be incapable of sustaining a certain amount of testosterone, and trying to force more into it could make your body defensive.

Research has shown that testosterone replacement therapy using supplements could cause an increase in the risk of prostate cancer and heart disease or failure. When testosterone levels are high, the main organs being affected are your heart and your sex organs.

Which Natural Testosterone Boosters Work?

Natural boosters such as Zinc improve testosterone levels. You can include Zinc in your diet by consuming whole grain or shellfish in your diet. Potassium can also be an excellent supplement for adding testosterone to your body. Both spinach and bananas contain this mineral.

You can also engage in exercising since it also aids in adding testosterone to your body. Signing up for a gym or just casual workouts at home each day goes a long way.

Reducing the amount of sugar you consume in a day also helps in adding testosterone to your body. This could also mean measuring your caloric intake. Your physical health may affect your testosterone levels, so stay healthy.

Staying healthy could also mean getting enough sleep and reducing stress, as these two could work hand in hand. All the natural means could work hand in hand. You need to take care of your body’s health; your mental and physical health plays a role in your testosterone levels.

Bottom Line

If you are below 30 years old, it would be advisable to consider your testosterone levels when you will be ten years or 20 years older. Make it a habit to guard your body’s health to reduce the risk of having your testosterone levels too low at a younger age than anticipated.

You have to make particular lifestyle choices to keep your testosterone levels in check. Maintain a healthy diet and a sustainable lifestyle. It is also advisable to not self-medicate and seek professional consultation from your doctor on how to go about your testosterone levels.