How does the email validation API improve email deliverability?

Sooner or later, any company, commercial project or start-up comes to the conclusion that basic tools for verification of the list of email addresses of subscribers are no longer enough. In addition, it would be great if the software that deals with data verification is integrated into an existing corporate system or website. All this becomes a serious help for the well-coordinated work of all marketing activities, which brings the desired dividends in the form of increasing targeted conversions and increasing ROI, improving customer engagement and increasing brand awareness. Today we will talk about deliverability email verification api, how to use this tool to reduce bounce rates. We will find out where this software comes in handy and what is the best one today.

Email verification API: definition

An API is a special script that integrates into the client’s corporate system code to simplify and at the same time improve the process of validating email addresses. So email address verification api is achieved in several ways:

  • Syntax checking is validation of the prefix part to the left of @. The check determines whether the record format is correct and whether it matches a length of up to 64 characters. In the prefix, uppercase and lowercase letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers, special characters and a period are allowed. The domain name to the right of @ is also checked. Its length must not exceed 253 characters. The domain part must meet the requirements for a hostname consisting of letters, numbers, hyphens, and periods.
  • Domain check – verification of email addresses containing inactive or invalid domains. This way you can determine not only whether a domain exists and is working, but whether a real person is assigned to it. And the risk validator identifies and marks all accounts that have one or another level of risk when sending emails.
  • Checking the availability of the MX record of the mail server – Using a DNS query, you can determine the names of the services involved in mail processing, which allows you to quickly identify the host that is causing the most latency. Besides, the tool gives a clear understanding of the existence of each email address on your list.
  • Checking via SMTP – it is implemented by establishing a connection with the recipient’s mail server and sending it a command by analogy with sending a letter. If there is no such recipient on the server, then when sending the command “letter for such and such email address” the server replies that there is no such mailbox (error code 550). It is important to understand here that a real letter is not sent to your subscriber’s mailer, nobody bothers him.

Before you start using the api to check valid email addresses, let’s look at how this tool affects the rates of soft and hard bounces, how much you can reduce the bounce rate and increase the email deliverability.

Reducing bounce rate with API

According to statistics, more than 8% of email addresses pulled into the database from your website have syntax errors, are fake or inactive. Sending mailing lists to such addresses is fraught with rejections, which in turn worsen your reputation as a reliable sender in the eyes of email providers. Most often, this results in your correspondence being placed in a spam folder or not being delivered at all.

When the bounce rate begins to exceed more than 5%, the email deliverability rate in this case is no more than 70%. Using the api to verify email addresses can reduce the bounce rate to 2%, and some premium software offering email validation api aim for bounce rates of up to 1%. So the average email deliverability is increasing and ranges from 91 to 98.5%.

The tools that work on bounce rates and deliverability are built into the user registration phase. With the integrated deliverability email verification api, you can ensure the accuracy of the entered data. This in turn provides you with a clean contact list for future campaigns. Imperceptibly you improve the quality of customer service, increase brand awareness, boost the potential return on investment in your own business.

Where is the Email Verification API used?

A wide range of areas for using email address verification api allows us to talk about the versatility of this tool. So the API is used by:

  • Marketers who can get rid of invalid addresses and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. At the same time, the delivery speed increases to 96.7%, spam complaints are prevented, it becomes possible to restore a subscription under conditions of control over the input of correct data by users, and customer engagement and retention improve.
  • Websites with high traffic – preventing bots and addresses with errors from getting into the contact list, sending letters to real people, moreover, these are target customers who are interested in your brand, product, service. In addition, api to check valid email address significantly reduces email marketing costs.
  • Online stores – the ability to send campaigns to verified addresses, without missing a single potential and real customer. It is also a guaranteed protection of the reputation of your IP and cost savings in the absence of mailings to non-existent or fake addresses.

As practice shows, about 30% of the addresses on your list become unprofitable within a year. Therefore, regular hygiene of the subscriber base using api to check valid email address is something that no self-respecting company can do without..

API check email from cloud service Proofy

Well, here we come to the most important thing: choosing a service that can provide the most powerful email verification API. Proofy cloud platform is pleased to present its software, which you can use right now, by passing a simple registration and copying the code from the page of the company’s corporate website.

Benefits of the Proofy api to verify email address:

  • good bounce rates, maintaining a good reputation for you as a sender, protecting emails from spam;
  • always a clean subscriber base, regular removal of invalid addresses, reduction in the number of fake entries, increase in delivery speed;
  • more effective campaigns by sending correspondence to real people interested in your offer and ready to make a purchase, subscribe / order;
  • optimal prices for clicks by working with a target audience that is ready to go through all the stages of your sales funnel.

API from Proofy can issue up to 30 threads. Follow the link to get 500 free verification checks now!