How Irishman who was just finding his feet in Australia was left ‘broken everywhere’ and fighting for life after horror accident

Family members of a young Irish man have flown half way around the world to be by his bedside after he was struck by a car in Sydney leaving him with devastating injuries.

Beoan Jones, from the small village of Maguiresbridge in Northern Ireland, had been in Australia for a few months ‘finding his feet’ when the horrific incident left him ‘broken everywhere’ and suffering critical injuries.

According to NSW Police, the 25-year-old was walking along the Bradfield Highway, about 400m south of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, when he was hit by a car about 8.50pm on Saturday, November 11.

He was taken to the Royal North Shore Hospital in a critical condition suffering broken ribs, a fractured pelvis, multiple neck fractures and bleeding on the brain.

Sydney resident Barry Carey, who knows Jones’ family, said the car appeared to come ‘out of nowhere’.

He said the mechanic had moved to Australia three months ago and was ‘really enjoying his life here’.

Beoan Jones, 25, had been in Australia for three months and was set to move in with his girlfriend when he was hit by a car in Sydney

He had been walking on Bradfield Highway, about 400m south of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, on November 11 (pictured)

He had been walking on Bradfield Highway, about 400m south of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, on November 11 (pictured)

He was set to move into an apartment with his girlfriend Cloadagh in a matter of weeks.

‘I’ve spoken to his mother Rose and she is just distraught but just so grateful he is alive,’ Mr Carey wrote on a GoFundMe raising funds for medical expenses.

‘To think that her amazing son was embarking on a beautiful journey in life and for that to get cut short is heartbreaking for everyone that knows and loves him.’

Mr Carey said Jones’ ‘distraught’ mother and sister had flown to Australia to be by his side.

‘Think for a minute what it would be like for a person to be so far from home, on the other side of the world basically, and for the family to get a phone call like that,’ he said.

‘The struggles and the rehab ahead of him … all we can do is hope and have a bit of faith that he has the best recovery he possibly can.

The 25-year-old

Friends said he was really enjoying his life in Australia

A friend said the 25-year-old mechanic was ‘really enjoying’ is life in Australia

Jones’ sister, Neamh Jones, said he remains in hospital with serious injuries but has ‘pulled through two major surgeries’.

‘Beoan has a long journey ahead of him,’ she said.

‘To date, we want to say thank you for everyone’s thoughts and prayers, it really has made a difference.’

Police said the driver, a 47-year-old man, and his passenger were uninjured, and the driver was taken to hospital for mandatory testing.