How is erectile dysfunction & heart disease connected?

What clicks your mind first when you aren’t able to gain a fully erect penis to have sex? Maybe you wave this thought if it is experienced less frequently, but if this becomes a daily issue, you’re likely to be worried.

You may feel ashamed as to what your partner will think about you or what was wrong with your body. Hardly any male might realize that it could be a heart issue. If you’re wondering about the connection between your heart & impotence problems, we’re going to have a closer look.

What is erectile dysfunction?

If you’re facing trouble to gain the desired hardness to carry out sexual intercourse successfully & this has become your daily matter, you probably have erectile dysfunction. Also known as ED or male impotence, this is a sexual disorder.

Don’t worry if you have had this experience in the past or are suffering from the same right now as you’re not alone. Millions of men are facing this sexual issue & the number is growing. You may find numerous ED drugs available online or in stores like Cenforce 100, Kamagra, etc. They’re too tempting for many men with ED to buy & use for getting rid of ED. But, take a pause!

You never know which of them will work for you, nor do you know if any of these pills may not suit your current health conditions. Also, it is important to understand why you’re experiencing ED. It is extremely important to understand the underlying cause of ED & it is a serious matter if it turns out to be a cardiovascular problem.

What do we refer to as ‘heart disease’?

When you hear someone referring to heart disease or cardiovascular problem, you’ll likely assume it to be a major issue. Well, it is. Several conditions may be considered as heart problems. For instance:

  • Stroke
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Heart Attack
  • Heart Failure

Surprisingly, some people are born with such heart-related issues, while some may develop them over time due to lifestyle or other factors.

Such poor heart conditions may be triggered by several risk factors including hypertension, smoking, high cholesterol levels, etc. You should consult your doctor & discuss everything that you’re facing so that they know the right medicines to prescribe.

How do ED & Heart Disease relate?

Your heart & erection mechanism share an intimate relationship. If you don’t know, erections can only happen when the blood vessels in the penis open up & blood rush happens therein to cause a harder & firm erection. In case of any interruption, blockage, or slow down, it becomes difficult to attain or sustain harder erections during the sexual activity.

If you’re having a heart problem, such a fatal condition can affect your blood flow in many ways. For instance, your heart cannot pump enough blood to reach every part of your body. It may be because your blood vessels are damaged or a clot is formed to hinder blood from passing smoothly. Thus, it is easily predictable that it could be because of your cardiovascular issue that you’re unable to achieve the desired hardness or suffering from ED.

Can you experience ED as a side effect of heart disease medicines?

As discussed above, it isn’t only heart disease that causes ED. It may be a temporary side effect of any medicine that you’re taking regularly. Adding a layer of thought with this, high blood pressure could also be the reason behind causing impotence in men & cardiovascular problems too. Thus, if you’re taking pills that lower your blood pressure, then you may experience ED as its side effect.

Some diuretics & beta-blockers are often considered as the biggest culprits, while other blood pressure medicines are less responsible. What you can do in such a situation is to ask your doctor if they can prescribe any alternative medicine or change the dosage to handle this better.

Final Thoughts

If you’re concerned about treating ED, you may be prescribed low-power medicines like Vilitra 20 mg & if it works for you along with heart problems, you may ask your doctor if you can have a moderate dosage of Vilitra 40.

Besides this, you may try making a few healthy lifestyle changes & perform regular exercise to improve heart health as well as ED conditions. Now you know how they’re connected.