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How Is Technology Used In Sports?

Advancement in technology has seen the world changed in the past few decades. Many sectors have changed the way they do things for the better, excluding sports. Penetration of technology into sports has seen the industry grow in leaps and bounds. This article articulates how technology can help in the betterment of sporting activities.

Timing Systems

Timing is a key element in many sports activities. In the past, manual stopwatches were used to track time. As we all know, a manual stopwatch depends on the custodian’s accuracy. If the operator starts the timer late, this could have a big impact on the player’s results.

With modern technology came more advanced timing systems. These systems are precise to the millisecond, and nobody doubts their results. Unlike the human-operated timers, computerized systems use precision technology. This preciseness gives us a clear winner during the fiercest athletics finishes.

Better Playgrounds

Technology has seen the creation of artificial turf fields. You no longer have to solely rely on natural grass to have a smooth playground. Artificial turf fields are very flexible and can endure heavy usage with low maintenance.

Unlike natural grass fields, artificial turf is all-weather and needs no fertilizer or watering to make it attractive. The time lost in the periodic maintenance of natural grass goes to better use when you have an artificial turf field. This technology does not only benefit soccer players but almost every track and field sporting discipline.

Promotes Fairness

As the sports industry advances positively, new challenges are bound to arise. Some crooked elements have taken advantage of the situation to advance their wicked agenda. Accusations and counter-accusations on doping have taken over the airwaves.

The invention of modern laboratories has helped in curbing the menace in a big way. Both upcoming and seasoned sportspeople have received harsh penalties due to synthetic drug use. The new testing technologies have helped sports governing bodies discover cheaters and crack the whip. Many deserving players would lose out were it not for technology.

Streamlined Ticketing

You no longer have to travel to the game venue to purchase a hard copy ticket. Any serious team or sporting event must be utilizing technology at this age for a streamlined ticket sale. In the past, you wouldn’t be surprised to travel over a long distance only to miss a ticket on the stadium’s doorstep. This is now history as you can log in to a website and buy as many digital tickets as you desire.

Improved Sports Equipment And Apparel

Modern sports gyms have new-age equipment. Players can train as they monitor their body’s response and pace. Sports training regimes are no longer universal. Coaches can offer player-specific training as directed by their equipment. Team doctors can monitor a player’s heart rate, blood oxygen, among other things, for personalized treatment.

The recently held INEOS 1:59 Challenge opened the world’s eyes to how sports apparel can affect the game. Kenyan marathoner Eliud Kipchoge ran the fastest marathon race ever in under two hours. But his co-star of the day was his pair of running shoes.

Many experts argued that the specific footwear helped the record-breaker win the race. We have seen such apparel-based theories before in swimming, among other games. This confirms that the world can feel the impact of technology in sports.

Realistic Viewing Experience

You can stay at home and still get a clear view of the happenings in a stadium miles away. The current generation of kids may not understand how torturous it was to watch a game on a black and white TV. We now have 8K UHD LCD panels and TriLuminos display technologies. Such technologies give you a true representation of real happenings. New inventions keep on coming up, and things will only get better.

Video Gaming

Many people have never set foot in a real sports field but play their favorite games daily. How is that possible? The invention of video games revolutionized the world of sports. You can virtually play your favorite game at the comfort of your bed or couch. Basketball, soccer, rallying, boxing are very popular in video gaming. Developers create realistic characters and features that simulate the real experience.

The use of technology in sports is inevitable. Many have boarded, and the few who remain behind will eventually join in. all sports stakeholders should focus on improving their area through technology. As things stand by now, the future of sports lies in technology.