How long does it take to get deported?

If you haven’t been deported, you have no idea what it feels like. Most of us learn the hard way, unfortunately. If you or somebody you care about is about to be deported, you may know more about what to anticipate from this blog article.

Be aware that every case is unique, and this material should not be construed as legal advice.

Consult an immigration attorney if you need assistance.

How Are Undocumented Immigrants Deported In The NY?

The deportation procedure for illegal immigrants living in NY may be confusing and frightening.

  • Customs and Border Protection may detain you (ICE). You’ll be processed and placed under arrest in an ICE detention facility after that. A criminal record may extend your detention.
  • An immigration court will then determine whether or not it should deport you during a hearing. Your deportation date is set when you are ordered to leave a country.
  • This judgment may be appealed, but if you’re refused, you’ll have had to leave the country. While deportation may be a harrowing experience, know that you have legal protections throughout the process.

The right to stay quiet, the right to counsel, and the right to a fair trial are all guaranteed to you by law. A better understanding of your rights may assist you through this challenging period and offer you a sense of security.

How Long Does A Deportation Take?

Depending on the circumstances, the deportation procedure might take a few weeks to many years. Whatever the situation may be, the nation of origin makes no difference. Ask for aid from your neighborhood immigration law company if you face deportation.

Having a lawyer on your side guarantees that individual rights are safeguarded throughout the process.

A summary of what to anticipate is provided here:

  • You’ll be summoned to appear before such an immigration court and given notice of your hearing. That’s generally the first thing you do when starting a new project.
  • A court may order your departure if you are judged to be inadmissible. Detention may be an option as well as you wait for your removal.
  • You may be able to argue the judgment if you’ve been told to leave. It may make the procedure months, if not years, to complete.

You’ll have to depart the country after all challenges have been exhausted. Forced removal by Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel is an option for those who do not pass on their own will.

Speeding Up The Immigration Process

Immigrants’ deportation may be accelerated in a few ways.

There are two ways in which an illegal immigrant may be deported. Immigrants convicted of felonies face “mandatory detention,” which means they’ll be held indefinitely. ICE will hold them until their deportation hearing, implying they will be detained.

  • The deportation procedure might also be accelerated if the immigrant requests “expedited removal.” That is when a deportation order is issued without a hearing for an illegal immigrant.
  • Immigrants in the NY for less than weeks who were detained at the border are typically eligible for expedited removal.

Another factor that might speed up deportation for an illegal immigrant is being labeled as a “public charge.” A public charge is an unlawful immigrant likely to rely on the government for financial help.

Final thoughts

You’re not alone if you’re in the middle of the deportation process. It is our goal that this article has given you a rough idea of what to anticipate and how long a deportation process may take.

Please don’t hesitate to contact an attorney if you have further questions or concerns. You may rely on immigration lawyers to assist you through these challenging times and give support at every stage of the journey.