How Much Does a New Tooth Cost?

Human teeth are basically pieces of bone covered in enamel and attached by roots into the mouth’s gums. They easily chip and sustain other damages and eventually rot away and fall out. Besides being a way of nature, other factors might necessitate your need for a new tooth, such as genetics and crooked and misplaced teeth.

These factors are why lots of people are asking for the cost of a new tooth. In Australia, tooth replacement costs about $1,000 to $6,500 per tooth, depending on the type. The national dental fee survey conducted in 2018 indicated that dental implant costs about $6,000 per tooth in Australia.

However, these prices depend on the exact type of implant you’re looking to get. If you’re wondering how much a new tooth cost, here’s some information on your options and their pricing to help you make a decision.

The Cost of Getting a New Tooth in Brisbane

There are various tooth replacement options. Here are the major ones and the prices in Brisbane.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the permanent tooth replacement option that keeps the jaw bone strong and healthy. They use biocompatible titanium posts in the jaw to hold a prosthetic tooth and abutment. Over time, these tiny screws bond to your jawbone, imitating the tooth root in a process called osseointegration. However, dentists use zirconium rather than titanium for those that react to metals.

Dental implants are durable and function, feel, and look like a natural tooth. Unlike other tooth replacement options, they last you for a lifetime.

Depending on your location and the dental clinic you visit, the average price for a single implant is about $3,000 to $6,000 for abutment and crown. Implants are expensive because you’re replacing your existing teeth with new ones fastened into your jaw. If you’re looking for a full workup, you’ll need to set aside over $10,000.


Dentures are a minimally invasive teeth replacement method. Here the new teeth aren’t affixed in the mouth, rather on an acrylic plate moulded to fit your mouth and placed over your existing gums and teeth temporarily. Probably the cheapest teeth replacement method, you can still spend about $3,000 on dentures (the complete set for both upper and lower teeth).

Again, the costs depend on the dentist and the dentures’ quality and how may tooth you want to replace, so the price isn’t guaranteed. It’s just an average of what to expect. However, dentures are less expensive than dental implants.

Fixed Dental Bridges

If you dislike dental implants, you can consider fixed dental bridges to replace your missing teeth. There are diverse types to choose from, like a resin-bonded bridge or cantilever bridge, and they’re inexpensive compared to dental implants.

With this procedure, the dentist will fasten metal wings on your back abutment teeth. However, you’ll need to lose some enamel off the back teeth by removing it so the bridge can stick correctly. Depending on the dental clinic, you can spend about $2,500 for this procedure.


If you’re looking to do a tooth extraction in Brisbane, or maybe you have a broken tooth, consider opting for a root canal treatment to determine the extent of the damage. Using a tooth crown isn’t as involved as a dental implant; however, the crown’s price can be high depending on the production material.

For instance, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns cost between $500 to $1500 per tooth. However, these average costs vary depending on the dentist, and the method applied. However, you’ll be required to visit a root canal specialist in Brisbane for a root canal treatment before using a tooth crown.


While tooth crowns, fixed dental bridges and dentures are affordable options for adding a new tooth, they aren’t sound and durable as dental implants. Besides looking and functioning like a natural tooth, dental implants bond with the bone and strengthen your jaw. For your dental in Brisbane, visit Fixdental. We offer a free dental consultation to enable us to discover the best tooth extraction and replacement option for you.