How Much Does It Cost To Hire Movers For A Local Move?

No matter how much dread it, most people experience moving at one point in their life. You can escape it but you can make it less stressful and even smooth by hiring movers for your relocation. Investing in a good moving company is worth it to save time, eliminate moving stress, and ensure your belongings reach their new location safely and unharmed.

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If you’re wondering what is the cost to hire movers or what budget you need to set aside to hire movers, this blog post will have all it covered.

The cost of hiring movers for a local move

Moving companies charge hourly rates. When it comes to the average cost to hire movers, this comes between $25 to $50 per hour, per mover if it is a local or short-distance move.

If 3 movers are involved in loading your belongings to the truck for 4 hours, the cost will come down to $220 to $600. This amount is only the charge of labor and this is not the final price of hiring a moving company and shipping company.

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Other factors that impact the price of moving service:

However, there are other expenses that need to be considered when the total cost of moving services will be calculated.

Factors such as transportation charge, additional moving services taken, materials, number of movers involved, distance traveled by the moving truck will affect the final price of moving service charged by the company.

  • Packing service – The cost for packing service will cost around $30 to $65.
  • Travel distance – Travel cost for 50 miles will be less than 100 miles.
  • Size of your home – One bedroom moving cost is between $240 to $500. For a two-bedroom, the moving price estimation is $320–$700. So, the cost will increase depending on the number of bedrooms.

How much budget should I need to keep for my local move?

For a local move, plan to keep $ 500 to $2000 and this excludes all the additional services like packing, supplying packing materials, etc. If you want a packing service also for your local move, the cost will be between $30 to $60 per hour, per labor.

How to move affordably?

Hiring a moving company cost can be reduced by following tips:

  • You can cut down on this cost by handling a few additional services yourself. If you have time, you can handle packing. For moving boxes, search for free boxes that you can get from grocery stores.
  • When looking for a mover, take multiple moving estimates from different moving companies. When you do this, you can choose the best deal for you.
  • Just get rid of all unnecessary and unwanted items in your home. Why pay for those items to Sacramento moving service which you don’t use or never use in the future? Discard the stuff and pay for transporting things you need in your new home or place.